Top 8 Swimming Pools in London, fees and reviews.

Sometimes, after a hard week of work and stress, people want to go somewhere they can relax and let the water carry their bodies. This is where people go to feel everyday troubles drift away with the water as if someone just took the weight off their shoulders. Other people see the swimming pool as a place to have fun and splash their friends, maybe even race them or bring a ball to play water polo with. Some others come here to pick up the skill of swimming or to practice it.

Regardless of your intentions, there are plenty of great pools to choose from when looking for activities in London. But you want to do your research before heading out there to test the waters, so to speak. So what are your best choices depending on where you live, your budget, and needs? We seek to answer that in this article.

1: The Hampton Pool in Richmond

  Entry Price: £6.8 per head

The Hampton Pool

If you live in or near Hammersmith, you can check out Hampton Pool. As outdoor pools usually compel people to sit around after they are done swimming, there is a vast open grassy area for your sunbathing needs, just as you would laze about on sandy beaches. There is even a separate kiddies pool available for your toddlers and under 8-year-old children to let them get their feet wet early in their lives.

There are normally two or three lanes specifically dedicated to fast and serious swimmers with the rest of the pool area for the recreational use of families and individuals just having fun.

For food and beverages, you have a bar and café available to accommodate your needs.

To give you an idea of the costs, the admission prices for adults are £6.80 on normal weekdays and £7.80 on the weekends. There are many different swimming lessons and courses you can sign up for, package deals to save money with, and all the prices are cheaper for kids.

Parking and Crowded Times:
In addition to the roads nearby, there is free space available for parking your vehicle, however, it is on the smaller side. That along with the fact that the pool can get usually crowded at noon, you had best aim for early morning, starting at 6 AM. The crowd peters out throughout the day before the pool closes at 9 PM. It is advised you definitely go in the mornings on school holidays.

The Hampton pool is managed by the YMCA and is a non-profit company.

Customer's say
On the whole, people are very impressed with this great outdoor pool, their biggest gripe is the crowds which can be avoided if you pick your time wisely.

2: Love Open Water

  Entry Price: £5 per head

Love Open Water

Located in the historic Victoria Dock, Love Open Water is an emblematic part of London. The open lake with an urban backdrop will wow your crocks off.

Swimming in a pool and swimming in open waters each give you a totally different experience. You cannot call yourself an expert swimmer until you’ve tamed the open waters. From the uncertainty of the water waves to the widely fluctuating temperature, they bring you a whole host of new challenges to contend with. 

The waters are tested for their quality every two weeks at various parts around the Dock, in accordance with EU standards and It is always rated perfectly. The temperature can vary between 3 degrees in the winter to the height of 24 degrees in the summer.

Swimmers mainly use wetsuits to swim in this vast lake as it can get pretty chilly in the cold water.
Swimmers can sign up for a yearly membership. To book for a swim, you must first become a NOWCA member, then with an annual fee of £12.00, enjoy the benefits of your aquatic adventures. Booking is done via the ACTiO app which you can check out here. The login information for both your NOWCA registration and the ActiO app must be the same.

This venue isn’t available every day of the week. So you must check their booking times for more info on this. You are required to purchase a reusable electronic wristband which helps make sure no one is left in the water at the end of any session. Due to the nature of the open waters, such precautions are often necessary.

There are different swimming lessons and courses you can sign up for (from beginner to advanced competitors), but some like the winter swimming induction are mandatory for newbie members. The experienced staff will take you through a 30-minute session to acclimate you to cold waters and cover all safety concerns.

Children are welcome to join in on the splashy fun provided they are 10 and over, have registered with NOWCA, accompanied by a competent adult at all times, always wearing their band, and able to swim 400m in the pool minimum. They must wear a tow float (Which are available onsite to borrow) and the water temperature must reach 14 degrees. 

Customer say:
People have been impressed by the efficient booking, friendly staff, beautiful setting, and overall organization. Customer service has been reported to be very helpful and fast responding. People have also loved the recently added and well-equipped pontoon. Seems like the perfect place to test out your new wetsuit.

3: Oakleigh Park Swimming in Barnet

  Entry Price: £30 per head

Love Open Water

If you reside in Barnet or the surrounding areas, Oakleigh Park Swimming Pool is a worthwhile choice for your consideration if swimming in London is an experience you’re looking for.

This Northern London swimming pool is built on the foundations of excitement, education, love of swimming. Here, toddlers, kids, teens, and adults come to learn how to become competent swimmers and have fun along the way.

There are many swimming classes for all age groups, including +6 months old babies.

The class fees range from $30-61 based on your age group and other factors. You can even pick private lessons.

Parking and Crowded Times:
There is a free car park at this venue you can use, but they get busy at certain times of the day. You are able to park on the road for free, though.

Customer say:
Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and people are pleased with the staff’s friendliness and the venue facilities. The private and semi-private courses are designed for close teacher-student interactions which justify the fees. People have rated the teachers highly.

4: Turner Swim in Westminster

  Entry Price: £55 per head

Turner Swim in Westminister

If you live in Manchester, Piccadilly Circus, or Waterloo and are raring to go for a luxurious treatment at venues with first-class hotels and quality teaching, Turner Swim is the choice for you.

A high-end adult swimming experience awaits you here. Whether you’ve just started swimming, want to learn a different stroke, looking to conquer your water phobia, or you’re looking to compete as a triathlete, discover open water swimming, Turnerswim offers high-quality lessons to you.

Turner swim has 6 central swimming locations. Most of their hotels are all around London. Some other locations are in Warwickshire, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Exeter, and Reading.

Fees for swimming lessons start from £57.00 in London, per hour for one-to-one swimming lessons. 

Customer say:

Everyone has been blown away by the high-quality lessons Turner Swim has to offer. The teachers are awesome, patient, and organized according to reviews. Some have had very changing experiences with the couches despite having taken classes before. Some had their nerves completely blown away in the first lesson. Coaches are very knowledgeable, taking care to match the lessons to each person’s pace.

5: Angel Swim London

  Entry Price: £26 per head

Angel Swim in London

If you’re looking to take a dip in Chelsea or Balham, why not check out Angel Swim, the private pool specifically for your babies and children.

The warm hydrotherapy pool is at the heart of Chelsea, near King’s Road. Heated between 30-32 degrees Celsius, the pool is 8 x 3 meters in size. The handrails and shallow depths will help your little angels to build confidence and progress in their aquatic journey.

They allow a maximum of 4 in their baby swim classes and teach children aged up to 6 years old in private one-on-one, two-to-one, and four-to-one swimming classes. And the reason for this maximum number is higher quality lessons for your children. The loving instructors are trained and specialized for working with children.

Customers say:
The instructors are praised for their wonderful service and ability to capture the attention of children and keep them super motivated to swim. They have been reported to be calm, enthusiastic, friendly, loving, and patient with children, taking care to safely teach them all they need to know while maintaining a fun interactive atmosphere. They can convert water-phobic children into motivated little swimmers.

6: Central YMCA Club

  Entry Price: £6.8 per head

Central YMCA Club

If you reside near Camden Town, the central YMCA Club is a great choice among the swimming pools in London.

The multi-lane 25 m pool offers a fantastic opportunity for beginners to learn and build their confidence, for recreational swimmers to have their fun, and competitive and serious swimmers to race against the clock.

To assist in your journey, YMCA Club has a team of professional instructors dedicated to offering personalized lessons to help you achieve your goals. YMCA Club works with the Amateur Swimming Association to be able to offer you the greatest tools for providing various training programmes. These programmes provide you with structure and purpose to your swimming sessions that track your sessions by individual length, timing, distance, and calories burned.

The YMCA Club offers more than just swimming. The list of their classes and fun activities includes new state-of-the-art studios, various fitness classes, short courses and workshops for you to pick up a new skill (nutritional workshops, Spanish, Salsa, life drawing, Choir, etc.), sauna, remedial massage, and personal training.

Your entry fee is £2 per session. The price for adult membership is £55 for 6 months+joining fee. Family swimming with children is reserved for weekends.

The pool is open every day of the week, but you must refer to their timetable and timetable key for figuring out when you can swim.

Customers say:
The reviewers have left a lot of positive reviews for the gym. It has massive amounts of space, and it’s chock-full of different facilities. According to the reviewers, there’s plenty of value for your money here, so grab your swimming trunks and take the plunge.

7: Brian Swimming

  Entry Price: £50 per head 

Central YMCA Club

If you reside near the City of London, you should check out Brian swimming lessons for adults and children located in the City of London School for Girls.

This marvellous venue has a growing and diverse team of swimming professionals and teachers with ASA or STA qualifications. Their experiences range from surfing, triathlete, open water, synchronized, or open water, and water polo swimming. Whether you want to overcome your fear of water, have never taken a dip in the pool, want to have a load of fun, or become a serious swimmer, you can be sure they’ve got you covered. They have decades of experience teaching and helping people like you achieve their goals.

The pool is in a private school with a 3.5-metre deep end Barbican, perfect for learning how to tread water.

After a free trial session, you can choose between the kids, adults, triathlons, and crash courses. For kids, a one-on-one course is £50 and a coaching session for adults is £89.

Customers say:
Brian and his team have been reported to provide excellent swimming classes and a profound experience in the water by taking their newcomers back to the basics and working their way up, carefully studying their technique and correcting it until the manifestation of satisfactory results. The teachers are humorous and absolutely passionate about swimming, equally eager to infuse that passion into their pupils.

8: Kings Club Wimbledon

  Entry Price: £45 per head

Kings Club

If you find yourself in the Wimbledon area, King’s Club in Merton might have a selection of paid and free activities for you to partake in.

There is a grand 4 lane, 30m, heated pool for the exclusive access of members. There are regular children’s swimming classes as well as swimming lessons for adults to take. Aside from the pool, there is a fully air-conditioned fitness studio suite for the pursuit of strength and cardio with free weights, resistance, and cardio machinery, which is open to the members and the public.

The cost of the monthly membership is £55 and for a full family experience £115. Members are offered discounts. It is open every day of the week.

Customers say:
King’s Club is basically the gym of King's school, and it is open after hours for everyone’s use. As a higher-end school, it can afford to have a very well equipped gym, squash courts, table tennis, big sports hall, and etc, by the reviewers’ account. The space is multi-use, so check if the activity you want to pursue is on the timetable for the given day. Parking outside isn’t easy to come by though. Overall, great pool, friendly staff, and properly set up for social distancing concerns.

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