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Massage has existed, probably since the beginning of civilization and holds a lot of benefits, but also myths, one of those myths is that it removes toxins from our body, is this a sale tactic from London massage practitioners or is there some truth to it? So in this article, we have invited a massage therapist to demystify this myth and answers some general questions about massage.

Can Massage remove body toxins?

NO, plain and simple, you often will be told that the therapist needs to break up some toxins, wring them out of your muscles and flush them out, and then by drinking a lot of water and taking salt baths you are able to get rid of those toxins.

What about the lactic acids?

Sure, lactic acids are real and lactic acid crystals are common terms among massage therapists in London, but they are not poison but. Any massagist that says so have read it from their studies based on old rumours, or been told so. Lactic acids are rather taken up and used by your body, there is no chance for crystals to be formed in your body and thus no chance for massagist to work through to unsolve them.

What you should expect from your massage therapist

No after pain, you often will get pain after your massage session. This means that the therapist did not warm you up properly, massage warms up usually requires a few sessions, where the therapist will gently prepare your body for the rougher treatment ahead.

What should massage therapists focus on?

Trigger Points, not only, but mostly, releasing the knots in the trigger points will relief you from pain, it's highly recommended to visit a massage therapist before you visit and pay the doctors. As often you will find that the source of your back pain (as an example) can be solved from massages.

What is massage good for?

Wow, if you compare all the medical treatment, I would place massage as the treatment with the most benefits. To name a few, it can relief you from fatigue, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, headache and fibromyalgia, all while boosting your immune the system. It also increases blood circulation and helps your body to heal on a cellular level.

How much does a massage cost in London?

Massage in London starts from £30 for a 30-minute session, but can range up to £80, the prices vary up to 200 % based on the area, with Service Ads you can easily compare and select the practice that best suits your budget and distance.

What massages types are there in London `

You will find ALL kind of massages in London, here come some explainers about there differences.

You will often here the wording, ”Holistic Massage”, most massages fall into this categorization though, being the first types of massages and existed for thousands of years, holistic means ”your body as a whole” both physical, mental and spiritual, and is often combined by oils and essences.

The most popular massages in London are


Aromatherapy in London

This is a kind of a supplemental treatment to any kind of massage, the therapist will use essential oils (fragrant molecules from herbs, plants and flowers). These supplements are proved to have positive effects like calm and smoothness to your body and often applied in combination with a carrier oil (seed, canola or sunflower oil).

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in London

This style of massage goes deeper into the body, you can often feel some pain after a deep tissue treatment and focuses on trigger points to relieve pain in adhesions areas (areas in pain), a good option, if you have a sore, should or stiff neck.

Sport Massage

Similar to deep tissue massage bit with the difference in being precise and more intensive, sports massage is recommended before a sports activity and usually followed up by a relaxation type of massage.

Swedish Massage

Aimed for relaxing and easing tension, you simply melt into it, recommended to get it once a week, especially if you have an office kind of work, but even once a month can give you immense benefits, like the relief of muscle each and tensions. It should also make you more productive at work, maybe something you want to let your boss know?

Prenatal Massage

Highly recommended for pregnant women, especially the ones that are pregnant for the first time, as the body is going through its biggest and fastest transformation. Usually requires frequent visits and performed while you are on the side, techniques performed are to get you relaxed and stretched gently, a feeling and desire to fall asleep is a normal reaction to a prenatal massage session.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage in London

Thai Massage is known all over the world, but few know that it originates from India and is a 2500-year-old practice. You can expect this to be a spiritual treatment with love and kindness where the massagist will use their whole body and get intimate with you, almost like a dance, although some describe it as a form of martial art. Thai Massage is safest to be performed on the floor due to the stretching your body and usually have the massagist to perform moves while on top of you.


Reflexology in London

This massage treatment is underestimated due to it often focusing on the foot, however, the foot is a very important part of your body, which contains direct connections and affects important parts of your body like breathing, liver, heart etc. Reflexology is believed to release blockage to these important body parts recommended getting by anyone, at any age at least once a month.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage in London

Shiatsu is an ancient healing art that originates from Japan, and was used even before needles were invented (when acupuncture started to be used). The meaning of ”Shiatsu” is finger pressure, which is what you should expect from a Shiatsu session, the therapist can also use their elbows and feet to free up the energy. Do not be surprised or expect to get treated on a bed or bench, as Shiatsu is usually performed on the floor due to it requiring you to be stretched out throughout your whole body.

How can I find the best massages in London?

We at Service Ads have multiple massage places in London to choose from, simply view their profile below to see the fees, locations and reviews.

Reflexology – Starting £30

Shiatsu – Starting £25

Thai Massage – Starting £30

Swedish Massage – Starting £50

Sports Massage – Starting £50

Deep Tissue Massage – Starting £35

Aromatherapy – Starting £30

/Author Michael Svensson @ Guest Massage Therapist

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