Fun Low-Cost Activities to do in London 2020

London is a top destination on many travellers list, but the cost of taking in all of the culture and history that the city has to offer can quickly add up, leaving visitors strapped for cash instead of enjoying their vacation. Luckily, there are a number of simple ways to cut costs on a trip to London without missing out on any of the sightseeing or must-do activities. This article explores some of the most effective ways to save money and still have a great experience in London even on a tight budget.

Paintball in London

1: Paintball

Starting Fees £8 

You definitely can’t be surprised seeing this fun activity among our list if you know what it's all about.  Paintballing is an action genre game of shooting paintballs at enemies with the use of light impact paintball guns. Each team can have up to 10 players, making it 20 players on the battleground.

We have had more and more paintballing centres in London since it was first introduced. Each centre has its unique theme, readily designed to get you immersed in its action.

Some paintballing centres offer special training for players. There are also special sections for kids; with special plans and special weapons. Getting into paintball centres is not something hard and doesn’t cost much. You will be equipped with safety jackets, enough paintball to last a game. Paintball centres that cost more offer food packages and maybe extra paintballs.

Best Paintball Centre in London?

Go Paintball London has been named the best so far. They offer a great service with a massive playground for the action. With more than 5 game maps, each with different themes. Go Paintball London is highly rated by customers as the best quality venue and nice staffs. Their entry price is £13, covers for all that is needed including digital camo suits, protective goggles, and ammo belts.aps, each with different themes. 

Delta Force Paintball also offers a great service. They have cool movie-set themes for their game zones. They have a 5-star rating by the UK paintball Association. Their entry price is £15 per person for their smallest package.

Escape Rooms in London

2: Escape Rooms

Starting Fees £19

Escape rooms have also become one of the hottest ways to have a nice time in London. The kind of joy you derive from solving tackled puzzles with weird clues along with your friends is unmatched. The game was first played in Japan and has since then gone viral. What you gain from this game include faster thinking and teamwork improvement.

Each centre has different entry prices. But the average price is around £25 per player. There is no limitation to physical abilities, and age limit may be from age 10 upwards. Escape Rooms are also immersive, can easily get you lost in its action because it is a timed action game.

There are several Escape Room venues in London. Each venue has different puzzles and clues, and different themed arenas. All you need to take along with you is your friends and someone smart enough to be a team leader. You can have up to 4 players per team, all ready for the action. Players are locked in a room to solve puzzles within certain minutes, mostly 60 minutes. So you get to show your code-breaking skills under a period of an hour. The best centres offer prizes for winners.

Best Escape Rooms in London?

ClueQuest, so far, Escape Room lovers have given ClueQuest in London more credits than other venues. They are rated for brilliant concepts and enthusiastic staffs. Their entry price is £25  per player, one of the cheapest you may be able to find in London. Each team can be 3 and up to 6. You will be locked in a room and won’t be released until you solve the given puzzle within the given time. They have six different games at the venue, and they are all fun to try out.

All Archerys in London

3: Archery

Taster Session £4

Ever wanted to know if you can make a great archer or want to show off your archery skills? Well, we have several venues for that here in London. Many of the archery centres offer quality courses on how to be a master of bows and arrows. At each archery club, they offer archery lessons for adults and archery for kids. Some venues offer corporate team building for companies to improve teamwork ability between workers.

Archery clubs are not a stress on the pocket to get into, you can try Archery from as low as £4, but if you wish to do a more professional course/tutorial, where you actually learn to shoot, fees can go up to £50. Archery venues mostly put an age limit starting from age of 8 and upward on their courses. 


Best Archery in London?

Archery Fit, based on customer’s reviews, Archery Fit has been selected as the best Archery Club in London. While most clubs select opening times, this club is always opened 7 days a week from 10 AM to 10 PM. They offer indoor archery service, perfect for bowing without wind effects and close archery range. It is also the closest to anybody in London, located at Hatfield House, Merryweather Place, London SE10 8EW, UK. They also offer competitions and open tournaments for Olympic Re-curved and Compound bows.

All Virtual Reality in London

4: Virtual Reality

Taster Session £16

Gamers have developed so much love for virtual reality games since it was first introduced. Virtual Reality has also developed from the fixed/seated games to free-roaming games. Virtual Reality is always increasing its immersive experience for its players. We have welcomed more virtual reality centres in London in the past decade and activity that surely will entertain you.

Premium free-roaming experiences are bound to cost more than normal games. You get to play both single-player games and multiplayer games with friends. Generally, multiplayer games require about 4 to 10 players.

Best Virtual Reality in London?

DNA VR is the most popular and best virtual reality centre in London. They have 6 different games for an immersive virtual reality session. They also have 8 different VR Escape Room games. DNA VR fees are cheaper than other VR centres, starting at £16 per player.

Canoeing in London

5: Canoeing

Starting £2

Canoeing, alternatively called Kayaking is another fun sport activity you get to enjoy in London. We have several kayak clubs in London. And most of the kayaks are used for rentals, touring or cruising through the beautiful waters of London. The fun part of this activity is mostly gotten from the rapids of the water. Canoeing started as an ordinary recreation, and it is still believed to remain as such to most of the canoeists. Talking about things to do in Richmond, canoeing through its river is among the best activities.

Many canoeing clubs in London now offer training for people willing to learn. They train both young and adults. Some of these clubs offer kayak rentals for cruises through specific routes. Prices differ by the package you are subscribing for. Kayak rental or private hire is generally costlier than having lessons alone.   

Best Canoeing in London?

The Pirate Castle is a boating and outdoor activities venue based in a unique, centre on the Regent's Canal in the heart of Camden Town, London. Canoeing, kayaking and canal boating are core to there work. Their rafts of adventurous recreation, outdoor education and training initiatives improve health and wellbeing, nurture life and social skills and bring people together through active participation - regardless of your ability or personal circumstances.

Climbing in London

6: Climbing

Starting £2

Indoor wall climbing remains somewhere between calling it a sport or a way to catch some fun with families and friends. Most people see it as a good way to exercise their body and visit the venues regularly but you can't deny the fact that this activity, is competitive
challenging and adventures. 

We got 11 indoor climbing spots for you to check out in London. Most of these spots offer lessons for beginners looking to know what climbing feels like. Interestingly, this fun activity happens to be one of the cheapest you can do, starting from just £2 for children and averages about £10 for adults.

Best Indoor Climbing in London?

Arch Climbing is selected as the cheapest yet high-quality climbing spot in London. They offer climbing for a single starting at a rate of £9. You can also hire shoes for a fixed price of £3. They give introduction lessons to beginners and improvement sessions to experienced climbers. 

The Reach is another cool place to try out indoor climbing. They have been at it for 20 years, and have always improved in quality since then. They have received good customer reviews about their enthusiastic and welcoming team. It costs £6 for junior entry and £8 for adult entry.  

Snooker in London

7: Pool & Snooker Clubs

Starting Free

The pool tables are yet another fun activity London got to offer, with some of the best pool bars and clubs in the world mixing pool games with arcades can really make your evening. With so many to choose from, it might be hard to find out which one to go for, luckily we got you covered. Some of them are actually free to try out, choose what Pool & Snooker Club is near you in London by browsing our results.


Best Pool & Snooker Clubs in London?

1920 Bar, this bar is generally everything called evening fun. It offers a kind of environment where not only the pool players enjoy the fun, even non-players get themselves engaged. They mix cool music with their DJs, tip dart machines and football tables for extra fun, and a retro Nintendo arcade machine. They have 7 American pool tables, enough to get 14 people engaged.

Hurricane Room, opened to visitors 24 hours every single day, and 4 different locations in London, this Snooker club is definitely not an underdog.  Out of the 4 locations, the club with the least pool table has 16 tables.

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