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Virtual Reality is no more a strange thing to all gamers. It has found its way to becoming one of the best London activities for fun because of its immersive experience. Virtual Reality technology became more popular since it was introduced to education, training, and seminars. 

Virtual reality London arcades is now one of the best ways to catch fun in London. There are a few gaming centres in London, and they all have there set of games and themes, we have made this article to help you learn more about what they all offer.

We have carefully selected the best VR centre for you based on customer’s review and ratings.

1: DNR VR - Islington

  Starting Fee: £19 (£19-£35)

DNA Virtual Reality is the most popular virtual reality centre in London. They became known for offering the first Virtual reality London arcade. Their service qualities and immersive experience have made it a sanctuary for gamers. 

They offer 22 different featured Virtual reality arcade games, consisting of 14 single-player and 8 multiplayer games.  They are also master of free-roaming VR experience, offering 6 different immersive games. You also have the chance to show off your Michael Scofield’s prison break skills by attempting any of their 8 VR Escape Room games. 

DNR Featured Games
Beat Saber
(Dancing - Singleplayer)

A music extravaganza game that will leave nobody bored, simply slash through the beats to rhythmic music themes that will get your body moving in this highly rated immersive game. Recommended for everyone whether you play games or not.

Arizona Sunshine
(Survival - Single/Multiplayer)

Arizona Sunshine is a free world roaming VR multiplayer game that puts you and your team in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. It is a first-person-shooter game and you get to freely explore its post-apocalyptic world. You can team up to 4 players and get yourself immersed.

(FPS Teamplay - Multiplayer)

This is a perfect cooperative or large group game, it allows up to 10 players, where you should pick your team of an equal number of players and fight in the zero-gravity battlefield. Players will be equipped with weapons and special abilities. The fact that it's a team play game makes this guaranteed thrilling experience for everyone.

(Battleships -

Show off your pirate talent in this sea battle game. Select up to 10 players to get divided into teams, and get yourself absorbed in this fantasy naval combat game.

Elven Assasin
(FPS -

You think you’ve got what it takes to be called Robin Hood? Come show your bow skills in this VR. Kill hordes of orcs before they get to the gate. Can be played alone or as online co-op mode with 4 players.

Raw Data
(FPS -

Show your team how it is done in this action combat game. Kill hordes of robots with your team of 4 or go solo in this surreal world of Eden Corp.

Raw Data
(Drawing -

Discover the Leonard da Vinci in you with this creative 3D painting game by Skillman & Hackett. You have your room as your workspace, use your brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire to bring the imagination to reality.

Customer's comment
"Myself and two friends were blown away by the entire experience at DNA VR. We did one of the Room Escape games and were given the choice of 3 intriguingly titled experiences. Well crafted puzzles along with a friendly and helpful staff that helped us make the most of the incredible VR experience would recommend to anyone looking for a challenge or a great team experience. Definitely would go again!"

2: ANVIO VR - Whiteleys

  Starting Fee: £110 (1-4 Players)

ANVIO VR has been offering first-class virtual reality experience in London since their first appearance in 2016. They were the first VR arena to offer free-roam experience in London. They are all about immersing gamers into the other world by using fully digitalized movements of players.

You will easily forget that you are in a game and feel like it is real. All the games in ANVIO VR are multiplayer and got a fixed fee whether you play 2 or 4. Gather up your friends and take an exciting journey into their digital worlds. 

ANVIO Featured Games
City Z
(Shooter - Singel/Multiplayer)


City Z is the first Top-Down Shooter which has native support for Virtual Reality but can also be played without VR headset. A virus has devastated humanity and there are just a few survivors left. Your team have taken it as their duty to fight and eliminate the zombie creatures from every city one by one.  The game is rated at age 12 and above.

Lost Sanctuary
(Adventure- Singel/Multiplayer)

Enter a magical abandoned city, solve its mysteries and puzzles, find the treasure, and be ready for some light combat and breathtaking visual experience. This game experience is recommended from age of 10, makes it perfect for the family.

Customer's comment
"Arrived at Anvio and was greeted by a large, tranquil, empty room. Received a warm welcome from an Anvio consultant, who asked us to wait for our allotted time. We were then shown to the game room. The tech team were great and explained everything in the briefing. Once in the game, it was so impressive we forgot there was an actual strategy. Untethered and space to walk around, it was a stunning game with amazing landscape and terrain graphics. Cannot recommend this highly enough. Anvio has taken the VR experience to another level. Already looking to book again."


IPG Service Ads Profile

3: IPG VR 
- Brighton - Clapman Junction

  Starting Fee: £78 (2 Players)

IPG (Inter Pub Gaming) VR, offers there experiences in bars, a very smart combination which makes these bars a perfect evening out. They are already recognized by seasoned gamers in London, each bar hosts different VR games and different experiences, and in this review, we will let you know what bars run which game. IPGs games require 2 players at least to really get experience the games as intended. 

  IPG Featured Games
Four Thieves - Clapham Junction
(Shooter - Singel/Multiplayer)


This pub is considered as their best pub, it has been consistently voted by gamers and visitors. They are opened every day here in the pub. They also offer comedy gigs, hot brunches, and beers brewed right in their pub’s micro-brewery.

Featured games include Skyfront; the zero-gravity multiplayer FPS shooting game, Serious Sam; another FPS multiplayer game where you team up with your friend to hunt down hordes of aliens, and Archery (The Lab); using your archery skills to kill cartoon invaders in your castle.

The Worlds End - Brighton
(Adventure- Singel/Multiplayer)

The pub was refurbished in November 2017, and it has since then been serving all visitors with the award-winning VR game Escape The Lost Pyramid and Beyond Medusas Gate. These 4 player games (2 equipped with swords and the other 2 equipped with bows), will take you into the world of Ubisoft amazing game world of Assasins Creed.

Beyond Medusas Gate will send you back to ancient Greece where you will experience a fantastic colourful world that makes you feel you were on Holiday. Your task is to find an old artefact presumed to be somewhere in a cave.

Escape The Lost Pyramid follow in the shoes of lost explorer and find out what happened to them.


They are also opened every day, at 6 pm from Mondays to Thursdays, at 5 pm on Fridays, and 1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

They also offer a few other games, like Skyfront, Serious Sam, Archery (The Lab), and Xortex (The lab).

Customer's comment
"Perfectly organised VR competition at the WorldsEnd Brighton. The team we’re both friendly and efficient. They made the level of interactive technology both with the VR and the video live streaming look seamless. Thanks for a fantastic evening."

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