10 Best Archery Clubs in London 2020 - Prices & Reviews

There are many fun activities to do in London, and you can find almost all of them in our directory, but why not spice up with something different ?, take your friend, spouse or kid for a session on one of Londons Archery Clubs, we promise you that you will have so much fun, and even clear your mind as the focus start to take over. Your kids will love it, your girlfriend never done it, and your friends will do everything to outscore you.

First invented way back in the Stone Age, archery enjoys great popularity among a generous group of
fans. Archery is a primal, intense and exhilarating sport which requires mastering the art of using a bow and arrow and have fun at the same time.

As simple as it might seem, archery is a sport which requires discipline, precision, and focus. Luckily, keeping you in check with the latest archery trends and training programs are London’s top archery clubs. Suitable for teenagers, adults, and recreationists, archery is definitely an unconventional sport or activity.

Archery Clubs in London usually are members only, but we got some for you that will accept you for a taster session if that's what you are looking for.

Below comes our list of the top 10 archery clubs in London, check their profiles for more information about there prices, images and locations.

Bowmen of Harrow-Profile

1: Bowmen of Harrow

Taster Session: £3 (Juniors)

Setting the goal of providing among the best archery lessons in London, the Bowmen of Harrow Archery Club is a powerful brand. The club is open to every student willing to explore archery in all its forms, including practising with Recurve, Barebow, American Flat Bow, Longbow, and Compound bows.

While Crossbow is not a service the club offers, its reputation is lasting and respectable, to say the least. At the Bowmen of Harrow Archery club, you can get educated on all-things-archery, take beginner’s classes, go for a taster session, and even become part of the growing family, as an established archer.

Throughout the year, the club organizes various interactive tournaments with archery written all over it. Enjoyable, super-fun and incredibly professional, the club is also known for its catering services and exquisite safety regulations.


Can I come and shoot as a visitor?
Visitors are allowed to shoot only if accompanied by a member of Bowmen of Harrow

What should I wear?
Think about your feet, don't expose your toes as there might be arrows sticking out the ground.

What should I bring?
A folding chair might be good to have, depending on how long you intend to play, especially in the outdoor range.

Customer´s Comments
"First lesson for my daughter last Wednesday. Nice welcome and good atmosphere. I felt it was a safe environment with great emphasis on safety procedures and a really great cup of tea in the break. Thanks."

2: CMO Bowmen

 Tasting Session: £5 (Juniors)

Established in 1961, CMO Bowmen has become one of the most prestigious archery clubs in London. Deserving of its high ratings and superb recommendations, the club offers a particular approach to the sport itself.

The club organizes archery activities for members of all ages and offers something for everyone’s taste-from beginner courses and country standard courses to Recurve, Barebow, and traditional archery lessons.

As one of the most prominent archery hotspots in London, CMO Bowmen welcomes all eager students to visit any day of the week. At the same time, the club opens its doors to professionals who can participate in some of the main events held at the facility, such as the main House Game event, Game of arrows and countless team challenges.


Do I need my own equipment?
No, not for taster sessions, and if you decide to join a course, you will be able to borrow the clubs equipment until you have bought your own.

Maximum participants for taster session ?
CMO Bowman can accept up to 8 participants at the same time.

What is is the best course for beginners?
You can start with a taster session, or just go straight to the beginner course starting from March-November at the rate of £60 Junious and £90 for Seniors.

Customer's comment
"The Beginner's course is the best beginner's course that I have experienced. I say that with a career as an educator behind me, with many years of teaching, training and coaching (not archery) under my belt. It struck a perfect balance between theory, practical, safety and fun and we had lots of tips from experienced and very enthusiastic senior members of the club, a very welcoming bunch."

3: 2020 Archery

Tasting Session: £25 (1,5 hour/person/weekends)

An archery dream born in 2008, the 2020 Archery club offers one of the most outstanding indoor ranges in London. The venues, nestled down at London Bridge, make the club a favourite spot to visit for enthusiasts looking for a different take on physical activity. But not have the desire to go out from the centre.

Archery 2020 is known for its incredible beginner and training archery facilities, where you can get beginner archery lessons, professional classes or simply take part in one of the club’s events. As their speciality, the club hosts annual archery happenings and is the archery home to brand names like Sony, Citibank, and KPMG. Okay, no big deal.

How about gathering your mates and play dodgeball with arrows instead of regular range shooting ?, yes, at 2020 Archery you can do that at Harris Academy in Bermondsey.

The club equips you with everything you need for your archery lessons and offers a program suitable for archers with disabilities. On top of it all, the club hosts the official archery clubs for Greenwich University and Kings College London, thus becoming a favourite A-list club…at a fair price. If you want to try out Archery in London centre, you will not find a better convenient club.


Where does the try out session take place?
2020 Archery taster session "Have a go" takes place in The Downside Centre, they now hold occasional sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Evening sessions hold place at Bermondsey.

How many can attend at the same time?
2020 Archery instructors can host 12 participants at a time.

Any age limitation?
Kids from 11 years of age are allowed to participate when accompanied by an adult, younger then that are advised to have a go at the Juniors club on Saturdays www.juniorarchery.co.uk

Customer's comment
"We did the "Have A Go" archery session on a Saturday at the Downside youth centre in November and had Roger as an instructor. The whole thing was a perfect balance of essential information, safety advice and, of course, firing arrows. We enjoyed the whole thing so much that we then signed up for the formal "Archery for Beginners" course which built on this."

Experience Archery London

4: Experience Archery London

Tasting Session: £25 (1,5 hour/person)

If you haven’t fallen head over heels with archery just yet, get ready to have the time of your life at Experience Archery London!

Simply one of the most incredible archery centres in London, Experience Archery enables you to learn, try, and boost your bow-and-arrow skills!

Justifying its stellar reputation, the club offers various types of archery lessons, including a beginner’s program, a ‘Have-a-go’ range, and archery for twosomes. On top of it all, the club hosts children archery parties, corporate events, tournaments as well as professional training lessons.

With an outdoor and indoor range included, the club is the ideal place to relax, enjoy yourself, and eventually become the archer of your dreams!


How many can participate at the same time?
Experience Archery can coach up to 8 persons at the same time.

Age restrictions?
Anyone under the age of 18, needs to be attended by an adult, youngsters below 12 are not allowed

Customer´s Comments
"Just completed the 5 week beginners course and it was ace! The guys were super friendly and patient. I can’t wait to start shooting for real now. I would highly recommend ??"

5: Archery Fit

 Tasting Session: £30 (90 Minutes)

Situated in Greenwich, Archery Fit is on a mission to give you the best sport and recreation experience ever. If you want to try Archery in London without going out from the city, this is the place to go.

On top of being free-of-charge to use and completely set indoors, the Archery Fit club is open 7 days a week and welcomes all rookies, beginners, and professionals to join in on the fun.

Within the club, there are 2 separate indoor archery ranges, where you can take private archery lessons, join the club as an official member or train as a licensed archer.


Does Archery Fit have free parking?
No, but street parking is free on weekends and after 18:30

How many players can play?
Archery Fit club provides 2 ranges which support up to 20 archers simultaneously 

What bows does Archery Fit provide?
Archery Fit club provides all bow types for training Compound, Olympic, Recurve and Traditional.

Customer's comment
"I had a session booked for me as a birthday gift having wanting to give archery a go for a while. My partner joined me initially to take photos while I pretended I was a good shot and she ended up having a go as well!!

We had a warm welcome and drinks offered everyone we spoke to was lovely and the environment was welcoming as well."


6: Aquarius Archery Club

 Tasting Session: £45 (Private Tuition)

Settled in the mesmerizing natural park of Fortis Green in London, the Aquarius Archery Club definitely deserves its spot on this list. The club itself welcomes children as young as 8 years old, as well as juniors, teens, and adolescents - individually or in groups.

At the same time, the club is a great place for eager adults who would like to enjoy professional archery lessons in London.

All members of the club compete and exercise with their respective peers, with the club offering archery classes all year round. For the most competitive ones, the Aquarius Archery Club organizes an annual frostbite challenge.

In addition, the club is also a proud member of the national Archery GB and the
international World Archery body.

Anything but boring, the club uses traditional and modernistic bows, thus keeping the sport entertaining
and dynamic. Plus, the great nature surrounding the club is simply extraordinary to observe, even if you
are not that big of an archer.


Members of Aquarius Archery can participate in 4 events every year.

  • Indoor championship in February
  • Albion on Good Friday
  • Longbow and Barebow Open Tournament in July
  • Double American tournament in October

When does the beginner courses start?
Aquarius Archery hosts beginner courses for all ages starting from Easter until September.

Customer's comment
"I joined Aquarius three months ago as an archer with experience who took some time away from the sport and found the club to be exactly what I wanted: fantastic grounds, a very warm, friendly and welcoming group of people, and an organised club with regular league shoots and lots of people willing to give great advice."

Oakfield Archers in Redbridge

7: Oakfield Archers

Beginner Course: £50 (Juniors)

Hugged by the visually stunning nature in Essex, Oakfield Archers is one of London’s best-rated archery clubs. Built to provide every archery service available, the club caters for members of all ages and has a specifically designed program for students with disabilities. 

The club offers a wide range of archery-related activities, including archery classes for beginners, who can learn the basics of using Recurve, Compound, and Longbow.

Also a member of the Essex Country Archery Association, the club stands for utter quality, professionalism, and possibilities. Whether recreationally or professionally, Oakfield Archers accommodates your every need…and delivers.  

Customer's comment
"Supportive and friendly club where you can try your hand at archery to see if it's for you. If it is, there is lots of support an help to teach you about the multitude of things one needs to know to participate in this sport!!"

Pinner Bowmen

8: Pinner Bowmen

Beginner Course: £55 (Juniors)

Part of the Tithe Social Club, Pinner Bowmen transforms your experience from indoor to outdoor archery! Open throughout every season, this exclusive archery facility welcomes archery devotees and beginners to spend the day absorbing the beauty of the sport. 

You can take archery lessons at Pinner Bowmen every Monday or on certain Sundays of the month. Currently working with 40 archers, this 5-star club works with members of all levels, including beginners and advanced students.

That said, the club offers a variety of other activities, outside of shooting a bow and arrow, including annual events and themed festivals.    

Surrounded by exceptional nature and accommodating during the warmer and colder months of the year, Pinner Bowmen will keep your adrenaline high and your entertainment on point! 

Brent Valley Archers-ServiceAds

9: Brent Valley Archers

Beginner Course: £65 (Juniors)

Representing one of the most renowned Archery clubs in London, Brent Valley Archers is here to have you fall in love with your bow and arrow. The club provides complete equipment to beginners and proficient archers who train at the facility. 

Welcoming and dedicated to providing the best archery lessons in the area, Brent Valley Archers boasts a 20-yard indoor range, as well as an 80-yard outdoor range during spring and summer. Making matters more interesting, the club hosts annual archery tournaments and orchestrates a number of themed activities during Halloween and Christmas. 

The best thing about it? The club is only a 20-minute drive from London, giving you a perfect blend of nature and urban hype.


Should I bring something with me?
Some water to keep you hydrated, the rest will be supplied by Brent Valley Archery Club

I have long hair, is that allowed?
Yes, just make sure it's tied up back.

When does beginner courses start?
Brent Valley Archery Club runs courses luckily throughout the year.

Customer´s Comments
"Fantastic Archery Club. Having met them at Perifest (Perivale's 'village fete'), I have done a beginner course with them, which was absolutely excellent, and am now joining the club full time. Couldn't recommend more - really friendly, helpful, fun people."


Thomas Wall Archers Profile

10: Thomas Wall Archers

Beginner Course: £65 (Weekend)

The Thomas Wall Archers club is one of the most prestigious and education-oriented in London. Located in the heart of the Thomas Wall Park, the archery club welcomes students from 9 years old as well as professional archers.

For the latter, Thomas Wall Archers provide continuous coaching by licensed professionals, whereas for the beginners, it offers a whole course of arching lessons and lots of additional fun.

Although the club works throughout the entire years, it hosts a specialized summer program, when you can meet up and practice every Saturday and Sunday. If you like your weekends, busy, entertaining and innovative, the Thomas Wall Archers club in London is happy to meet your needs at a beyond-fair price.


What is the age limit?
Thomas Wall Archery clubs welcome members and visitors from the age as young as 9.

Will I need my own Bow to Join?
No, not if you just going to attend a beginner course. 

What days do the courses run?
Beginner courses run on Saturday and Sunday and require you to attend Friday evenings to be allocated equipment and briefing.

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