The Best Theme Parks in London 2020- Prices and Reviews

For the love of fun, entertainment and the best-themed events in London! If you appreciate spending a day out with the kids, your family or your friends, you will undoubtedly have the time of your life at any of London’s top theme parks.

A contemporary centre of adventure, celebration, and festivities during the year, London opens its doors to all fun-havers and thrill-seekers. Fun for individuals, school groups, and even business groups, theme parks offer endless exhilaration for all those who are looking for an out-of-the-city break. And trust us when we say, London makes it their mission to show you and your loved ones a spectacular time!

Without any further ado, here are the best theme parks in London you want to cross off your bucket list!


  Entry Price: £7 

Named after the well-known fantasy book, Hobbledown is the epitome of magic, imagination, and thrill! Perfect for a day’s trip, the Hobbledown Adventure Park and Zoo is a 50 acres park which includes a wide range of activities suitable for children of all ages. The theme park invites you to take a stroll down its mysterious tunnels and intriguing mazes, or spend time hanging out with the cutest farm animals and wildlife!

Not just that, the park itself is known for hosting a handful of events, including birthday bashes,
Halloween parties, Christmas happenings and more!

Some of its main attractions include the vivid Mining Village and Hobbledown Village, as well as the High Ropes park, an indoor Play Barn, and zorbing with those who love spinning!

The Hobbledown theme park works all-year-round and has plenty of entertainment ready for both sunny and rainy days. In the complex itself, you will also find a restaurant, an indoor and outdoor play park, as well as an authentic hobbit-like village!

Hobbledown Map


Are dogs allowed?
Yes, dogs are allowed in Hobbledown

Who can do the High cope course?
Yes, there is a height limit of 1.3m though.

Is the park wheelchair friendly?
Yes, however, you can not attend to some activities in the park.

Is Hobbledown open all year?
Yes, every day, all year round, the opening hours might differ depending on the seasons.

Customer's comment
"I love this place as the kids are never short of something to do. The outside area is big enough they can let of steam and the inside even more so! Food is good but seating can be a premium on busy days. Parking is good and access is easy with good signage from all directions. My favourite has to be the air powered foam ball cannons!"

2:Jurrasic Encounter Adventure

  Entry Price: £8 

Welcome to Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf theme park, where pre-historic times meet modern-day golfers! Ideal for golfing adults and children who’d love to spend time among the dinosaurs, the park has its doors open every day of the week.

At the park, you will find 9 life-sized dinosaurs, which are not only exhibition oriented, but also move and roar when approached. In addition, you can take a walk around the park’s lovely greenery and parkland, and enjoy the exciting and animalistic vibe of the Stone Age.

For children and toddlers, the park offers a lovely mini-golf area, where little ones can learn the basics of golfing while looking over at the astounding cascading waterfalls nearby.

The Jurassic Adventure Golf theme park also has one of the most popular driving ranges in Europe, fully equipped and ready to put you in motion. The park’s main attraction, however, has to be the massive 18-hole golf park, where you can get free and professional lessons in golf for men, women, children, and groups!

Not a stranger to hosting parties, this theme park is one of London’s hotspots for birthday bashes, business events, and annual spectacles.

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Jurrasic Encounter parking?
Yes, you have free parking 

How long do the courses take?
It can be from 30 mins up to 2 hours (depends on how large the group is)

Is the park wheelchair friendly?
Yes, the park has large space, all around

Customer's comment
"This place is so cool! They did an amazing job with the decor, especially the fluorescent green river running through the whole course. Really gave a feeling of being in Jurassic Park. Kids and big kids will love this place, and with 18 holes it makes it a bigger course than usual for adventure golf"

3:Kidzania London

  Entry Price: £20 (Child) 

As one of the most kid-friendly entertainment facilities in London, KidZania is more than just a theme park. In fact, this exceptional skill-oriented Adventureland is a whole city filled with interactive activities, ideal for children aged 1-14!

Famous and established in 21 countries, visited by 9 million people worldwide, Kidzania is proof of a successful concept, you need to ta your children here, and they will love you for it.
Kidzania motivates children to think outside the box, it makes a great place to visit over the weekend or for the day!

Putting its focus on creativity and enjoyment, the park spans across 7,000 square meters. Here, children can socialize and partake in fun games and events, including role-playing experiences for over 100 different careers. Not just that- children will learn what their assets are in a business sense, all done in an entertaining and stimulating manner.

Whether it is teamwork, growing independent or empowering children altogether, KidZania is on a mission to inspire and present thriving opportunities…with a hint of fun!

Kidzania London


Do adults need to buy tickets as well to enter Kidzania?
Yes, tickets for adults cost £16, however, children aged 8+ don't actually need an adult to accompany them

What ages is Kidzania in London for?
Children aged 4-14 will enjoy and understand Kidzanias activities the most, below that, would be recommended
to have an adult present.

How long time can we spend in Kidzania?
The activities range from 5-50 minutes, you could do 4-6 activities in a 4 hours stay, giving you as a parent, plenty of time
to go for shopping in Westfield Shopping Centre.

Customer's comment
"We visited at the weekend. Located on the top floor of Westfield shopping centre. Set in a simulated indoor "City" environment, on different floors. All the City facilities and Stores offer a hands on opportunity for your child to get involved. Each activity lasts approx 15 to 20 mins. From Policeman to catering stores, British airways Pilot to TV studio, pretty much every occupation you'll find it here. Kids earn money (like monopoly money) for activities completed, educational plus role play. Which can even be paid into the on-site Bank. Fantastic "work experience" fun for children. Safe, comfortable site, clean, plus secure (wrist tags worn by all). Would definitely recommend." 

4:Shrek´s Adventure

  Entry Price: £20 

A place where anything can happen, Shrek’s Adventure theme park is excited to show you around! A perfect fairytale dreamland, Shrek’s Adventure is located in London and stands as one of the most exciting theme parks to visit any day of the year.

Meet all of Shrek’s friends and let them provide you with clever clues, leading you to uncover secret treasures. The park offers a handful of attractions and experiences, suitable for children, adults, and school groups.

Some of its most exhilarating theme attractions include a ride on the magical flying bus, which gives you the 4D experience you were looking for. Plus, in the park itself, you can visit Shrek’s Swamp or head to the Rumplestiltskin´s carriage where you can meet up with a Fortune Teller and reveal your fate!

A walk down the road will lead you to the adorable Poison Apple Pub, where you can enjoy a show by the one and only Mr. Puss in Boots! Not quite done yet?

The park also features a Wheel of Torture where you can find yourself on a mission to rescue Pinocchio!

Finally, don’t forget to pay a visit to the fabulous Mirror Maze of Insanity, with Princess Aurora is waiting to be awoken!

Shreks Adventure Profile


Is there an age limit to enter Shrek´s Adventure?
No, there is no age limit, everyone is welcome, and it will be an experience of fun for anyone.
However, children below 5 can feel it a bit scary, consult with the staff about what events to avoid if you have small children with you.

Is Shrek´s Adventure wheelchair friendly?
Yes, there are no steps here, however, the wheelchair width must not exceed 27 inches, and mobility scooters are unfortunately now allowed.

Can I bring food and drinks?
Yes, but you will not have any time or chance to sit down and eat, so as long as you can snack on the move while being entertained, that's ok.

Customer's comment
"Think I loved it more than my toddlers. Its clever how they have done it. It's a fun interactive tour experience with a great story. You go on the tour as a group with other families, if they are boring or unwilling to participate like mine was it kind of spoils the experience especially for the kids. I can imagine it being even better if everyone gets involved. All the characters were brilliant, they tried their best to get everyone involved even the dry members of the group."

The London Bridge Profile2

4:The London Bridge Experience

  Entry Price: £23 (Child) 

Lovers of horror and thrill, unite! For the fans of creepy stuff, any day can be Halloween, and the London Bridge Park Experience in London is here to make it happen for you!

This exceptional theme park has been one of the most popular in the city of London, all due to its educational, artistic and unique activities.

Now, the park is particularly known for its annual Halloween spectacles, but offers a whole other way to have fun and get the creeps! For instance, the park has an authentic escape room, ideal for larger groups.

The park also organizes excursions inside the infamous London tombs, hosts a variety of events, and makes their recognizable spooky desserts- the creamiest you’ve ever tasted!

On top of it all, the park hosts a magnificent ‘London Bridge Experience’ where you can learn more about the bridge itself and London’s most notorious faces.

Whether it is Jack the Ripper or the Head Snatcher, the smell of spook hangs in the air!


Do I have to book the London Bridge Experience?
No, you could buy tickets at the ticket counter, expect to stand in a queue though. If you book online, you will get priority entry.

Are children allowed to enter the London Bridge Experience?
The London bridge experience is recommended from 16+, Children between 5-15 should be accompanied by an Adult, Children less then that is not suitable at all.

Customer's comment
"Not only do you get a cool history lesson, you get to EXPERIENCE the dark history of London. My husband and I had such a great time! The narrator/guide was awesome and he engaged the crowd perfectly! Taking a walk down memory lane with Jack the Ripper and running around underground was so much fun! It was creepy yet exciting! The picture we received captured this cool memory. My husband and I also received an extra perk when we ran into a couple of the actors/zombies having a smoke break outside (while still in costume) and they posed for photo ops with us! I highly recommend this for anyone who visits London and likes a good scare/fun!"

5:Chessington World of Adventures

  Entry Price: £29 

Get a true sense of adventure and visit the Chessington World of Adventures resort today! This inspiring theme park features a multitude of attractions, including a themed wildlife African safari, spinning rides, and even vampire-inspired fun inside the park’s own Wild Woods!

For those who love the underwater world, the park offers its precious SEA LIFE centre and guarantees
you a great adventure every step of the way. Aside from its Zoo and the 40 exclusive rides, the park also has its Go Ape program, where you can get in touch with nature and zip-line your heart out!

Its other must-visits are the daily shows organized at the park, and its annual Halloween-theme
happening. Plus, you are welcome to book accommodation in any of the park’s themed rooms any day of the week.

Of course, the park welcomes student and larger children groups and also has a great restaurant setting for a lovely lunch at the end of the day.

There is so much to write about Chessington World of Adventures as its actually one of the best attractions in the world, so we got a special article for you to check out.

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Is Chessington World of Adventures for adults?
Yes, with so many attractions and activities, there is a full day of fun for all ages.

Does Chessington have free parking?
They have parking, but it's at a charge of £4, you might consider pre-booking your place online, as it can be full.

Can I bring food and drinks?
No, there are many restaurants and cafes to keep you refreshed inside.

Customer's comment
"Kids will absolutely love it here ! There is something for every age group. While there are enough thrilling rides to keep older kids and grown ups busy there is also plenty for the little ones to do. Besides all the rides , usual fair ground game stalls and interactive shows there's the added bonus of animal attractions. My kids loved seeing the Lions and tigers up close. You can even watch them being fed at particular times. There's Gorillas, penguins and monkeys too. They also run seasonal themed events from time to time."

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