Paintball FAQ - All you need to know about London's Paintball venues in 2020

I know you got a lot of questions to ask about paintballing, questions like How much do paintball game cost? What can you wear to a paintballing centre? What is the age limit for paintball?. You will learn everything you need to know about paintballing will be answered below.

How much does a paintball game cost?

The cost per person varies from one Paintballing Centre to another. Our listings of Paintball venues in London start from £8 to £25 per head.

How bad do paintballs hurt?

Getting hit by a paintball does not hurt but can cause pain when it hits your bare skin. The intensity of the pain depends on some factors. Factors like the quality of the paintball, the distance of the shot, where it hit you, and the number of times you get hit.

Quality of the paintball

Getting hit by a low-quality paintball hurts more than getting hit by a high-quality paintball. Low-quality paintballs are made of a hard shell with low dense material. Which makes it tough to break upon impact, unlike higher quality paintball.

- The distance of the shot

The closer the opponent is when they shoot you, the more pain you feel. Most paintball centre limits the distance at which a paintball should be fired to 10feets. It helps ensure a safe paintball game.

- Where it hits you

If a paintball hit you on your bare skin, it hurts more than hitting you where your body is covered. Parts of your body that are likely to get hurt when you get hit by a paintball are the top of your head, hands, neck and thighs. 

You can wear paintball gloves to cover your hands, mask to cover the top of your head and neck. Also, wear clothing that covers your thighs.

- The number of times you get hit

Getting hit on the same spot repeatedly can actually hurt more than getting hit once on one spot. You should change your strategy and the way you play if you are getting hit on the same spot.

What should I wear to a paintball venue?

You want to go paintballing but you don't know what to wear? Here is a list of things to wear before you go paintballing. Long sleeves, Head protection, Gloves, Pants, Shoes, Paintball Jerseys, Vest and so on.

- Long Sleeves

To avoid getting hit by a paintball on your bare skin, it is good to cover every part of your body. Long sleeves are a good choice of clothing for your upper body. It covers every part of your upper body exposing a little bit of your skin. 

Wearing a T-shirt or Polo exposes a lot of your upper part which makes you more vulnerable to getting hit on your bare skin.

- Head Protection

Masks and goggles are the most commonly used head protection. Masks and googles have different varieties in size, shape and style. Some also come with anti-fog shields and comfort lining.

You can also wear a winter hat or a backward fitted baseball cap to help protect your head and other parts of your face. If you are wearing a hoodie, you can flip the hood up to help protect your head and neck.

- Gloves

Gloves help protect your hands from getting it by a paintball. You should wear gloves that are specifically made for paintball. Gloves like gardening gloves, football gloves, and gloves with less weight can also be used.

Gloves like winter, latex and welding gloves are not fit for paintballing. These gloves may be too thick for paintballing due to trigger sensitivity.

- Pants

Your lower body needs to be protected just like your upper body. In paintball game, you will definitely crawl, kneel or dive. You might get a scratch, hit or bruise if your lower body is not well protected. 

Wearing short pants won't cover all your lower body. You should wear pants that are specifically designed for paintball. You can also wear pants like Cargo pants, jeans, jumpsuits and loose sweatpants.

- Vest

Vests are good protection for your upper body. Vests are designed with paddings that help absorbs shock and impact. Some also have multiple pockets, which can hold anything while on the field. Things like a map, water bottle or your personal belongings like your wallet and keys.

- Paintball Jerseys

Paintball jerseys are specifically designed for paintball games. Paintball jerseys are designed to absorb impact. It also has in-built cuffs at the wrist which helps prevent dirt from penetrating inside.

Paintball jerseys are also designed with ventilated and light made material with loose clothing.

You can wear your paintball jersey under a vest to give you a more fitted look. You can also customize based on the colour and name of your team.

- Wear clothing that is suitable for the weather

It's good to wear layers of clothes for a paintball game. Wearing many layers of clothes may become uncomfortable during the summer. It's advisable to wear one or two layers of clothes that are loose and thin instead of thick ones during the summer.

During the winter, when the weather is extremely cold. It's advisable to wear a sweatshirt, beanie, thick pair of socks and gloves.

- Wear old clothe

In paintball game, you will either kneel, crawl or dive around. Some paintballs are water-soluble, which can be easily washed off. 

Paintball that is made by a cheap brand may cause your clothing to get stained. You should wear old clothes that you won't mind if they get torn or stained. 

- Wear dark coloured clothing

Light coloured attract stains more than dark-coloured clothing. It's advisable to wear camouflage or dark-coloured clothing. It helps reduce your chances of being seen by your opponents.

- Protect your neck

Neck protector is used for protecting the neck. Neck protectors are designed in a way to cover sensitive parts of the neck and skin around the neck. You can also use a bandana to protect the neck or wear a simple turtle neck sweater.

Is paintballing bad for my health?

The answer is NO! Paintball game is a sport and sport are actually good for you. Here are some health benefits of the paintball game. However, if you are not used to sports, keep it a bit slow with the running.

- Major stress relief

Paintball game lets you vent out your frustration without the risk of hurting others. As a paintballer, venting your anger can also help improve your skills. The endorphins released during this activity helps eliminate stress and improves calmness.  

- Increases endurance

Paintball game lets you experience an amazing cardiovascular workout. This helps boost your endurance level due to the amount of time spent on the field.

- Aids weight loss and overall health

Paintball game helps improve your sleep cycles and boost metabolism due to intense exercise. Endorphins are released during this intense workout which helps improve your mood. It also helps to burn calories, reduce the risk of heart diseases, blood pressure and depression.

- Increases self-confidence 

Paintball game requires some strategy and execution which can only be achieved when all the players work together as a team. It helps improve your leadership skills, boost your self-confidence and also promotes team spirit.

- Exercise

Paintball game, let's you exercise your body without you noticing it. It involves crawling, sprinting, diving, shooting and dodging. It provides motivation and helps eliminate boredom due to strategic gameplay. It also provides a full-body workout. 

- Teamwork and Strategy

Paintball game lets you realise that the best strategy in the world will fail if everyone isn't on the same page. It provides room for working with your team to devise and implement a strategy that leads to victory. Success comes by working together as a team.

Can you wear jeans to paintball?

Yes! You can wear jeans to a paintball game. Jeans are a good choice of clothing for a paintball game because they hide stains so well. Jeans are easy to wash when stained and can hide stain all day unless you are wearing white jeans.

What shall we dress for the Stag In?

Most Paintball venues in London specialises in Stag/Hen events, they offer outfits like Bana costumes free/extra or even to buy at the spot. You can bring your own outfits as long as the protective gear like Mask and Googles can be pulled over. Most venues also require the outfit to be worn over the camo suit. PS: Bikini/underwear/mankinis are usually prohibited. 

What do girls wear to paintball?

Girls want to paintball as much as guys do. Are you a girl who wants to go paintballing but you don't know what to wear? Here is a list of what to wear to a paintball game. Loose clothing, comfortable athletic shoes, flexible and padded gloves.

- Wear loose clothing

Sweatpants is a suitable choice of clothing and it's loose and doesn't cling to your body. It allows you to move freely and serves as padding. You can also wear gym shorts or leggings underneath for extra protection.

- Padded bra or check protector

You should wear clothing that provides extra padding and protection for your body. There is a chest protector specifically made for a paintball game. You can also wear a super-padded bra or wear layers of clothing and a thick sweatshirt.

- High ponytail or low braids

Styling your hair in a high ponytail or low braids will help prevent your hair from touching your face while paintballing. You can wear a bandana or scarf to prevent your hair from getting stained by a paintball.

- Dark-coloured clothing

Wear dark-coloured because they resist stain more than light-coloured clothing. It also serves as camouflage to help blend in the environment.

Paintball Gun

Does paintballing ruin clothes?

Paintball is manufactured to be water-soluble, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Paintball wash off when you wash your clothing a day after paintballing. 

But in some cases, paintball leaves a light mark on light-coloured clothing when you leave it for a few days before washing. It's advisable you wash your clothes soon as you get home. 

What should I wear to paintball in hot weather?

You should wear loose, lightweight clothing. You can also wear a knee and elbow cap to protect your knees and elbows for getting shot at.

During the summer, heat, humidity and sweat can easily fog your mask which decreases visibility. It's advisable to bring an extra mask to switch to, in between games. Or get google fans to help keep them clean and increases visibility. You can also rent googles from the paintball centre.

What shoes should I wear to paintball?

Athletic shoes and Combat boots are good choices for paintballing. It's advisable to wear athletic shoes that you feel comfortable putting on.

Athletic allows you to run freely around the field without fear of tripping. Shoes like this are light hiking boots, sneakers, running shoes, etc.

How many paintballs should I buy for a day?

The average paintball used per day is 400-600 paintball per person. The average time a gameplay last is 2hours. The number of game zones to be played ranges from 2-6 games zones per day.

How many paintballs will last for two hours?

About 200 to 300 paintballs are used per game zone. Each game zone lasts for about 2hours. Depending on how you play, your mood and level of aggressiveness. 

How long will 100 paintballs last?

100 paintballs can last from 10minutes up to 2hours. Some players are conservative and make sure every shot counts. While some are not and shoot at any slight opportunity. 

What is the age limit for paintball?

The average age limit is 10 years old. A parent consent form is given to kids under the age of 16 for their parent or guardian to sign.  In junior paintball at least one adult must be on each team, to supervise them.

Can you bring your own paintballs?

The answer is NO! Paintballs must be bought at the paintball centre. You are not allowed to bring your own paintball. But you can bring your own refreshment and paintball equipment as long as they meet the criteria for paintballing.

Paintball venues with lunch Included 

Most Paintball venues are a full-day activity and offer lunch in their packages, some of them are:
- UK Paintball
- Delta Force Paintball
- Matrix Paintball

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