The Best Paintball Venues in London 2019 - Prices and Reviews

In case you have no idea what paintball is. It is simply a competitive shooting game where players take down their enemies with paintballs. The balls are shot using a paintball marker. It has low energy and the paintball breaks upon impact. It is one of the best things to do in London for no other reason but the fun in it. You get to unleash the hidden warrior’s spirit in you and become a hero.

There are different paintball venues and games to play out there, and they all come with their own set of rules. Typical types of Paintball Game includes, Elimination, Capture The Flag, Bomb Squad and many more.

General Paintball FAQs

How many paintballs would I need for a game ?
If you don't spray and pray, then 500-700 paintballs are recommended to really enjoy the game.

How long will a Paintball game run for?
Most Paintball venues or placed on the outer edges (boroughs) of London due to them gaming zones beeing a few acres large. Expect to be away all day, you should arrive on time in the morning, and will usually play until 15-16 Pm. However, we also have some venues that are indoor with central like Bunker 51 which we write about later on this article.

Don´t be late?
All venues take your safety very seriously, so their safety briefings are required to pay attention to before you are let loose, you could be asked to leave if you arrive late.

Best Paintball Venues in London

Paintballing Ltd Profile

1: Paintballing Ltd

  Entry Price: £8 per head

Paintballing Ltd is a very popular paintball venue in London. It is known for hosting events like birthday parties, reunions and so on. This paintball venue is not just out there for nothing. They provide one of the best quality of paintball experience in London. They also have tons of game zones which part of it includes castles, pirate ships, and missile control centres.

They provide high-quality equipment fancy dresses, and lunch for their customers,
all included. This paintball venue also provides for Corporate Paintballing Events. A very good chance for the boss to settle all the politics or conflicts going on in the office. It is already known that paintballing is a very good leveller. And for the fact that anybody of any age and any fitness level can participate, registering your workers for a day out is a good idea.

Paintballing Ltd
provides for it at a very good price, they will provide the best security for the players with state of the art equipment like semi-automatic markers and ninja camo suits for everyone.

They also
give room for exclusive private games on weekends. A company will need to be at least 35 players to register for a private game.

You may have no idea what it feels like to have a birthday bash done in a paintball venue. But people that have tried this out definitely loved it and it is a day to always remember.

Paintballing Ltd is one of a kind in organizing tailored game sessions for birthdays. Showing bravery and great teamwork to defeat enemies and lead your team to victory is a memorable way to celebrate. You are allowed to bring in birthday cakes. You can also have a free private space for birthdays if you are up to 15 in the group.

There is an option for booking either a
full day or a half-day. Some of their paintball venues offer lunch for groups but this is only available for a full day.

They also offer paintball events to schools looking to give their students a good day. With the belief that having students play together will improve communication and confidence. They will be monitored by trained marshals for security and safety.

One of their map we would like you to try out is the Missile Command Centre. Know what it feels like to have a shootout in a very wide field that is opened to attack. There are 2 base camps for two groups and it is very far apart. This is all-out modern warfare with a massive SCUD missile launcher, a downed chopper, a Saracen armoured personnel carrier and newly built buildings among the trees. With wooden barrels and barricades placed to provide cover or sniping vantage points. Your aim is to capture the enemies flag and take it down to your base.


Ruxley - Whyteleafe - Chobham - ST Albans  - Broxbourne

Customer's comment
"Brilliant day out! The place is amazing with fantastic facilities and in a beautiful spot. Great if you want to just spectate too as good viewing spots and plenty of tea and coffee to keep you warm. Staff are friendly and professional. Had a party of 10 with 15-year-olds, they had an amazing day. They are still talking about how much fun they had and planning on coming back to a Zombie night! Really pleased we came to this venue, can’t fault it at all! Thank you everyone there!."

RWPaintball Profile

2: RW Paintball

  Entry Price: £10 per head

The RW Paintball venue is another perfect venue for hosting both kids and adult paintball sessions. It is a family run business and they have successfully maintained it since they began operation.

They offer paintball games for kids from the age of 8 to 11 years old. They also use highly experienced staffs for proper coordination and safety in the game. Their adult age bracket starts from the age of 12 and above. 

They have different sites in and around London and all of them offer a wide variety of playing zones. Each of their sites has its unique playing zone, most common are village, attack and defend, and hostage rescue fields.

They have different packages to suit your taste, all you have to do is select. The price of each package is inclusive of all needed overall and kits, just come along with footwear and gloves.

RW Paintball Packages

  • Basic Pay and Play: This is their basic plan and it is a pay-as-you-go kind of deal. Meaning that the £10 will only give you an entry and materials you will use, except for the paintballs. You pay £8 for 100 paintballs. You will be given free 100 paintballs after buying 400 paintballs worth £32.

  • Standard/Starter Package: The entry for this package costs £10 but you pay £15 on the day of the game which totals £25. For this £25, you will be given 300 paintballs and all other required materials. Extra paintball to be bought will cost £6.5 per 100.

  • Recommended Package: For this package, each player pays £15 as deposit and another £20 on the game day. The total amount for this package is £35. This includes all materials needed and 500 paintballs. Extra paintballs cost £5 per 100.

  • Half-Day Recommended Package: This is very similar to the Recommended package. The only difference is that you will deposit £10 and pay £25 on the day of the game. This is recommended for players that want to play a half day.

  • Double Bubble: Massive plan but not the biggest. For this package, you first deposit £15 and pay £40 on the game day. This amounts to £55, providing 1000 paintball and all other things.

  • Big Shooter: Here is the biggest plan this paintball venue has to offer. You deposit £15 and pay £65 on the day of the game. Making it a total of £80 for the plan and you will be given 1500 paintball to run the day.

At RW Paintball, all games start at 9:00 AM and end 3:30 PM. They don’t provide food or lunch for customers but you are allowed to bring some in. They also have local restaurants around them and you are free to place your order.


Customer's comment
"Very friendly staff, a lovely woodland acre of space to run around"

3: Go Paintball

Entry Price: £13 per head

Talking about a very massive playground for paintballing, Go Paintball is a masterclass. It is owned by Tommy Pemberton, who is a former UK No.1 paintball player. Avery big paintball venue that boasts over 50 acres of land for their battlefield.

Trust me, you will have
lots of ground to cover while playing. You will be fully immersed and it will look like a real-life experience. They have over 5 game maps, be prepared to storm fort strongholds, lead assaults and hunt for resources in their wasteland.

The Go Paintball is highly rated by customers for quality service and nice staffs. As their experiences have improved and developed over the years, they have never compromised their customer service. They have one of the best paintball weapons you can ever get in London.

You get to enjoy the sweetness in the new technologies used to make the guns. The only items you will get for free after paying the entry fee are protective goggles, standard-issue rifle, digital camo ninja suits, flexible armour suits, and ammo belts.

There are some items which will make your experience so much more fun and less painful but you will have to pay for them. These items are:

  • Nova Gas Grenades £5
  • Cover smoke grenades £5
  • Armoured paintball gloves £8
  • Tactical gloves that goes £5
  • Special Ops Bobcat Beanies £5

They have 3 different weapons, the standard issue rifle, Etha Sniper Rifle, Etek Assault Rifle. The first one is included in the entry fee. The other two respectively are only for a day hire with a price of £20 per day.

Another interesting thing about this paintball venue is the points they award for winning missions. This gives you more energy and zeal to make sure you come out victorious and grab points.


Customer's comment
"Top-notch, very organized. My Son and I had a wonderful time here while on holiday from the US. Top-notch staff, very well done. Everything was safe and the equipment was of high quality"

4: Bedlam Paintball

Entry Price: £14 per head

Bedlam got multiple Paintball venues in London, renowned for their high quality and realistic game zones. Getting you immersed in another world of an action movie where you are both the main actor and the director. There is also an assurance of class, quality materials, friendly and enthusiastic staffs, and safety.

Bedlam paintball offers a wide variety of packages for their customers.

Go Bedlam Plus: For just £16, you will sign up for full-day entry to the venue. Your entry fee covers equipment like gun, mask, and suit. You will also be offered lunch to help restore energy, enough to keep you pumped for the whole day.

Group Session Bedlam: From this package, you get to enjoy a group session of four hours with your fellow mates. You only have to pay £300 to register your team of 6 to 10 players and an amazing 2000 paintballs to share among yourselves.

Play Bedlam Paintball: This is the most popular and most bought package of all their packages. You will be given all necessary equipment for just £35. Now they understand that this may be quite expensive. But they won’t just take your money for the fun of it, you will experience lots more. You will be given 300 paintballs to play with, enough for a half-day game.

Ultimate Bedlam: The ultimate bedlam package has a lot to offer for just £75. You will be given 1000 paintballs and all other required items.

Go Bedlam: This package, although very cheap, does not offer much. You will pay £13.99 just for entry and all required game items. But your money doesn’t cover the paintballs you use. You will have to pay for the paintballs as you go. The only advantage is that you get to control your game. Note, you can only use from the minimum of 300 to a maximum of 600 paintballs in a single game session.

Absolute Bedlam Paintball: For £50, you get to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping game experience. And you will be given 500 paintballs for your gaming sessions.

Bedlam Paintball Game Zones

Bedlam Express: In this game, you and your teammates are called on to seize the terrorist’s train and kill them on. The train’s engine has stopped working, giving you an open window to launch your attack on the enemies. But note, the wood is very quiet and any noise will alert the terrorist, giving your position away.

Stagecoach stand-off: Your team have been stranded in the wasteland without food and supplies. You have now discovered a place filled with all you may ever need. While trying to get them, you made noise and now it seems you are not alone. You have companies, and they are not willing to give the supplies all up without a fight. Show them what you can do for your survival.

The Black Fortress: Your quest has led you an uncanny, solitary and fortified tower where you have to go in and get a priceless treasure. You just can’t help the feeling that you are being watched and you must complete the quest. Let’s see how you will prevail.

Dr Who: The Doctor have helped you and your people when you were in need. Now, it is your turn to help him get back to Tardis safely. The path is filled with Cyber-men and Daleks, and you will need lots of speed and accuracy to succeed in this mission.

Bomb The Base: You have received intel that a group of terrorist is taking a vehicle filled with explosives to a football stadium. You will have to take control of the vehicle, however, you won’t have enough time to disarm it. So what you will do is take the bomb safely back to the enemy’s base and let it go off there.

They have more game zones like The D-Day landings, The Crypt, The Tower, The Village, Attack & Defend, Capture the Flag, Speedball, Drop Zone. 

All games start at exactly 9:15 AM. All customers that have booked a day are expected to get to the venue early so that they can be kitted and join the game in time. Breakfast is not included in Bedlam’s services, so you will be able to pre-order hot pizza from domino on arrival at the venue.

Greenwich - Orpington - Abridge

Customer's comment
"Great day out with a great team of staff. Very enjoyable and affordable as well. Never a dull moment paintballing at Bedlam"

5: Delta Force Paintball

Entry Price: £15 per head

The Delta Force paintball venues in London, are known for their high level of service, cool movie-set themed game zones and cool paintball packages for everyone. It is accredited and rated 5 stars under the UK paintball Association. They have 50 different locations around the UK, trusted by over 500,000 paintball players every year.

Just like Britannia
Paintball, they also have different paintball sections for Adult and Kids from the age of 8 and above.

The Adult Section: Delta Force will welcome adult of all ages and abilities. They have a lot of fun to experience ranging from chasing zombies around a graveyard to taking over a foreign embassy. They host events like birthday parties, give guests the option of stag-do and the hen party.

With trained marshals to get you geared for the day, they also accept Corporate Paintball for companies. They believe that paintballing is a leveller and it can bring
about improvement in staff morale, retention and productivity. You also get the experience of what it feels like to be suited up in combat suits, fog-free lenses, full-headed goggles and a semi-automatic paintball gun.

The Kids Section: Delta Force won’t only stop at entertaining adults only, kids too must discover their combat abilities. All you have to do is take them to the venue, complete all registration, and leave the rest to Delta Force crew. There is a high-quality service for safety and health in this venue. In addition to this, they give children breaks in the afternoon and offer them lunch like light snacks and drinks to ensure health and energy are restored.

A very ideal place to organize parties for your children. They also allow schools to register kids from the age of 8 and above for paintball parties.

Delta Force Paintball Game Zones

Zombies’ Crypt: You have been called upon to help restore peace in the area of a two-storey church. There are zombies in the area, ravaging the whole of the church. Your mission is to extract the Holy Book from the crypt of the church and take it back to the Zombies’ spawning point. You need to be advised that the zombies are serious and would stop at nothing to make sure you die.

Space Warz: The evil empire won’t stop until they make the whole world bend to their reign. People are afraid of the empire and they don’t want their rule, it is time for you to help them out. In this war zone, your mission is to take down all the flags of the Empire and gain access to all other things to get them into disarray. But you need to be at alert, as the Empire already know that giving up these things means an end for them. So they will never give it up easily.

Operation Desert Storm: Get your gears up, you have been called on a mission to save the President from the ambush on his convoy. You will feel what it is like to have the life of the most important citizen in your hands while the rebels want him down. The ambush happened in the streets and with 6 land rovers, so there will be lots of places to hide. You must show you combat ability by fighting through the narrow street and avoiding shots from rebels.

Gold Rush: You have received information about a discovered honey-land filled with gold and miners are beginning to cause havoc on the land. It is now in your hand to maintain and restore order to the bank before the attackers ravage it all.

Upminster - Orpington - Slough - Hemel Hempstead

Customer's comment
"My teenager and his friends had a great time. They loved every minute and played every game. What a wonderful day. Staff are really helpful and looked after the kids well. Definitely, recommend and will definitely come again"

6: Britannia Paintball

Entry Price: £16 per head

Britannia paintball is widely known for their classic paintballing experience at a low price. What you get from the entry price includes both entry and equipment. What we love most about the venue is the way they’ve classed their games. They have mini paintball game that is good enough for children from the age of 8 to 10.

They also have another class for ages 10-17. Safety is a priority at Britannia paintball venues, using trained officials to keep children safe each year.

From playing stag do with your friends to hosting a hen party, these paintball venues will get you covered.

They also have different themed game zones with featured props like helicopters and vehicles. This gives you a kind of experience from reality and that is why Britannia is a good choice.

Britannia Paintball Game Zones

Black Hawk Down: The game zone is filled with thrill. You are to save a dying pilot while enemies try to stop you.

Castle Wallenberg: Check how good you can defend your castle. You get to re-spawn in this game if you are on the attacking side.

Tomb Raider: Check if you have what it takes to raid the ancient tomb. Or maybe you can protect the old amulet of power from getting into the wrong hands. So many people want it for its destructive and massive power.

London Apocalypse: You might have imagined London without people on the streets and war going on. This is your chance to have a real experience of what it looks like.

Zombies’ Crypt: Have a feeling of what it is like to be in a horror zone. Get your teammates to grab the holy book and put it back in its place.

Operation Desert Storm: Be the patriot you’ve always wanted to become in this zone. You have been called on duty to protect the President after the attack on his convoy.

Sheriffs’ Castle: Take it upon yourself and mates to recover all the stolen rewards in the castle.

Star Gate: You and your teammates will be assigned to watch both ends of star gates. The millennium-old Egypt on one side and the modern-day on the other side.

Upminster - Orpington - Slough - Hemel Hempstead

Customer's comment
"Very good service throughout! Will definitely look to rebook one day in the future! All our party enjoyed it! Thanks"

6: Mayhem Paintball

Entry Price: £25 per head

Talking about a paintball venue that takes customer’s satisfaction and convenience as a priority, Mayhem is top-notch. They have been around since way back 1987 and their quality is still standard. They have all the sort of fun you are looking to catch for the weekend or holidays.

The Mayhem paintball venue provides an option of conveyance for customers from and to the Central Line London tube station Theydon Bois. With 3 minibuses, they can pick up and drop off over 250 players at a time.

Now talking about the kind of care they give to equipment, it is exceptional. Their paintball guns run on-air instead of carbon dioxide (CO2). Air is more expensive than CO2, more accurate than CO2, and it provides less pain on impact than CO2. Apart from that, guns that run on CO2 are known to give out the location of shooters because of the cloud it produces (they didn’t even change their prices even after upgrading from CO2 to Air).
They also provide vests for their women customers, something to serve as chest and back protector. This is free and very thoughtful.

Mayhem Paintball Game Zones

BOG: Experience all the exciting feature brought to real life as terrifying as it is in video games. The map features amazing war-themed props like the T55 battle tanks, damaged land rovers and shipping containers. You get to play modes like Team Death Match, Search and Destroy, H.Q, and zombie missions. All these modes are similar to C.O.D multiplayer.

Air Assault: Have a shootout on an awesome, large and open field designed like a typical scene of The Walking Dead. Also features damaged and burnt army land rovers, and Air Missiles, and battle tanks. Feel the real-life experience of a field shootout, having to cover grounds from vehicle to vehicle and avoiding shots from snipers.

Missile Command: You just heard that Air Assault is wide and open right? Well, we’d advise you to wait till you taste the experience from this map. Imagine having a war on a field as big as 2 times a football field! So you have about 120 metres between each base camps and you have to infiltrate under heavy fire. Your major aim in this map is to capture the opposition’s flag and take it to your base successfully.

Aeroplane Wood: Enjoy another round of the shootout on this map that is filled wreckages from a passenger plane. In the plane is a top-secret document which you have to get and take safely to the extraction point.

Speed Ball: Imagine fighting enemies in an open field with virtually nowhere to hide. All you will ever need to triumph here is great speed, swift manoeuvrability and the monster nerve. You have to move fast to take enemies down and avoid shots from the heavy fire.


Customer's comment
"What a great day! There was about twenty of us in our private game, the whole place was amazing. If you´re thinking of giving it a try, do it. it´s much better than some of the other places I've been to"

6: Bunker 51

Entry Price: £25 per head (Off Peak)

This venue is also known out there for their quality service. Their lowest package is priced at £25 (students can go for £15). We’ve been promoting outdoor paintball venues in London mostly. But this venue is unique and known as the best indoor paintball venue in London, making it a perfect choice any time of the year.

The age for their normal paintball category starts from 12 and above. Their junior category starts from the age of 8 to 12. They also host events at Bunker 51. You can go have your stag & hen party out there with their first-class service. Companies looking to strengthen the bond between their workers can also have their Corporate package.

They only have 2 game zones at Bunker 51 but they can accommodate about 50 people playing at once. Here comes the list of all there packages (Off Peak Monday & Tuesdays)

  • Bronze Package: For this package, your payment is £35 (£25 Off-Peak) gets you 2 hours of paintball session, 200 rounds of paintball and all other required equipment.
  • Silver Package: Package costs £55 (£45 Off-Peak) including 500 rounds of paintball, 2 hours of paintball session, and all other required equipment.
  • Gold Package: This costs £75 (£65 Off-Peak) with 800 rounds of paintball, 2 hours of paintball session and all other required equipment

There is one other package specially made for students under age 16. This package costs £15, offering you an hour session, 100 paintballs and all other equipment. This package is not available on public holidays and may also require ID on registration.

For the Junior Category, Bunker 51 also offer 2 different packages, Alpha package and Bravo Package. The Alpha package costs £20 per player. Offers 1 hour of game session, unlimited paintballs, and all other required equipment. The Bravo package costs £35 per student. You
get 2 hours to play and you will be given unlimited paintballs too.

They also sell extra paintballs for people that need more bullets. 100 paintballs for £10 and 2000 paintballs for £160.


Customer's comment
"Been to many different paintballing centres. This was by far the best-loved every second of it would definitely recommend"

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