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I'm pretty sure you have heard about Escape Rooms. You are definitely curious to find out the best Escape Room in London, what it looks like, what people do in it. How exciting it is, you want to know if couples can partake in it. You want to know if it´s safe, claustrophobic or scary. Well, worry no more; you will know learn everything you need to know in this FAQ.

Escape The Room Game is a game played by groups and couples to explore the mind, and have a lot of fun doing something together. It consists of puzzles, games, and clues, where couples or groups partake to finish the games within 60-90 minutes. Not always successful though, so don't be sad if you don't manage to finish up (some games got a success rate of 30%)

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Where is the best Escape Room in London?
These are the top 5 Escape Rooms in London based on our recommendations and popularity, click to check their profile page for prices and locations or view the full list of all Escape Rooms in London here.

1. The Crystal Maze
The Crystal Maze is not just popular in London because of the name but because of the loaded fun and experience, you get to enjoy it. You choose your team of eight people and pick a leader to make certain decisions. You will be given various tasks to solve until you get to the finale where you will be locked up in a giant crystal maze.

Location: 22 - 32 Shaftesbury Avenue, off Circus, London

2. Escape Rooms in London
The name isn’t the most imaginative, but the stories are quite inventive. At London Bridge, you’re either breaking into a pharaoh’s cursed tomb. Or travelling in time to 17th century China to steal back a vase from modern-day British Museum.

Their Angel branch takes a space theme, with you trying to prevent murderous AI. And the others inviting you to destroy a secret Nazi colony on the moon. Whatever room you choose, get out in time.

Location: Rear of 134 Tooley Street, SE1 2TU.

3. ClueQuest
With almost 4000 5/5 Tripadvisor reviews, ClueQuest really is among the best Escape Rooms in London. Play as an agent and uncover the secrets to stop crazy Professor BlackSheep is one of the Missions, or Escape the Lost Pyramid in the VR world of the famous game series of Assasins Creed. ClueQuest games host 2-6 people but 50+ could play in total at almost the same time making them an ideal choice for large groups.

Location: 169-171 Caledonian Road, N1 0SL.

4. Komnata Quest
This escape room is also packed with lots of games to play for the holiday. Apart from the loaded fun, they have a very good environment, decorated rooms, and interactive staffs.  Lots of positive reviews from customers to back them up, recommended for those who wish to have a more thrilling and scary experience, but not for the faint-hearted. If you are up for the traditional clue and puzzle-solving, we recommend you to try the Frankenstein game.

Location: 181 Dury Ln Holborn London. WC2B 5QF

5. Breakin Escape Room
You get to enjoy 7 immersive puzzle games featuring themes like Pirate, Cave, Futuristic and Wizardry. The most impressive thing about this escape room is that they have designed their room in such a way that anything in the room can be your clue. Breakins games are suitable from 3 to 6 people, and you get to try solve their mind-boiling puzzles in 60 minutes.

Location: 89 Holloway Rd, Islington

How many Escape Rooms are there in London?
There are 62 Escape Rooms in London at the time of writing this article, including versions from Doctor Who and Sherlock, we got here at Service Ads 37 Escape Rooms listed, you can view them all, compare their services, prices and locations.

How much does an Escape Room Cost?
Escape Rooms in London starts from £19 to £30 per person, keep in mind though that most venues require a minimum of 2-3 people to accept a booking.

Can you participate in Escape Room as a couple?
The answer is, yes! an Escape Room is great for couples who are looking to do something exciting and new, with 37 Escape Rooms in London, you surely will find one that will make your date memorable and exciting. 

Escape The Room is great for couples for the following reasons and might even put a spark in your romance. Here are some of the best outcomes of an Escape The Room adventure with your significant other:

Enhanced Communication, communication in an Escape Room atmosphere is not only critical to the solution of the game, but it is fun! Working together with good communication makes the experience faster and more efficient.

Team Work, much like real life, there are instances where, as a couple, one person has better skills than the other. While you might be an expert wordsmith, your partner might be better at riddles or puzzles. This is a great opportunity to explore what skills and strengths you have as an individual and as a couple.

No Time to Fear, what brings the anxiety and fear of being in a confined space, focusing on the fact that you do not have a way out. In an Escape Room game, you focus on solving the puzzles that you actually stop thinking that's there no way out. Some games leaves you alone in the room. So there is no time to fear. As soon as you are in the room, start looking for hints and clues. If you lose focus, fear might creep in and you will not be able to escape before time runs out.

Test the Patience, patience is a virtue, but it isn’t always possible or easy in some partnerships and marriages. Escape Rooms is a 60-90-minute games where teamwork, communication, and patience are key. It will take patience and focus to complete the task of escaping the room, what a perfect and innocent way to test each other's patience.

Not a Genius, no one likes trying something and failing. Luckily, you do not need Albert’s Einstein’s brain to look for hints and clues to solve the puzzles in escape rooms. These challenges have difficulty levels. If you fear that you will fail, book the easier rooms, each room has a difficulty rating. Remember, you can ask for a hint from the game master. You should appreciate the fact that you cannot always escape the room in time. If it were that easy then it wouldn’t be fun.

Good Value, a good date isn’t about money. If you want to make sure your partner has a good time, an escape room date offers you great value for your money. You’ll get a great experience at a reasonable cost that you can plan ahead of time. Dinner dates can vary in price and be hard to do on a tight budget. But with an escape room, you know exactly how much you’re spending, and can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Is Escape Room claustrophobic?
Escape Rooms is not claustrophobic. The idea of being in a room with no way out is pretty scary to most people. Most claustrophobic people cannot entertain the idea. But an escape room is not a confined space. It is a place to have fun with friends, family or workmates as you try to solve puzzles and escape. Some Escape Rooms are scary, but this is in the description so you can avoid them if you choose to, always consult your fear with the gamemaster, they are usually flexible and can let you skip some parts of the games for your comfort.

Are Escape Rooms a good date?
Yes.  Here are the reasons why the Escape Room is good for a date:

It is Different, when you’re looking to boost the uniqueness factor, you can’t beat an escape room date. You will impress your date by thinking of something so unique and creative for your date. Before the date itself, it'll build the excitement of looking forward to something new.

Boosts Adrenaline, by increasing feelings of joy and excitement by participating in this exciting activity.

Strengthens the Bond, this will help increase chemistry with your date. When you feel like you’ve gone through an intense experience together. You’ll feel more bonded to each other afterwards, even if you only have known each other for a short time. Whether you want to get someone hooked on the first date, or impress your long-term lover. This is a unique date idea to do the trick.

It is Fun, they’re designed to be challenging, but fun. Offering different opportunities for both laughter and excitement throughout the date. The best first dates usually aren’t serious ones. Your date will appreciate the opportunity to play, be creative, and have a good time. We’ve all been on those “bad dates” where the conversation is not good and no one has a good time. What is it that makes a bad date bad? It comes down to the fact that neither person had enough fun.

It is Memorable, the process of navigating through the rooms will provide many things to talk about after the date has ended. This is a stand-out experience that your date is sure to remember more than the other typical dates. Escape Rooms are a surefire way to avoid a bad date. Whether you are able to solve the game together or not, it doesn't matter. You will impress your date with your ability to let loose and have a good time. A fun first date means they’ll be sure to want a second one.

Feel the Feelings, find out how frustrated they become when things don’t go as planned. Did they misinterpret a clue? Do they stay optimistic or turn pessimistic when time starts running low? The other person’s demeanour throughout the game can shed some light on whether they have a positive or negative outlook on life.

No Small Talks, have you ever gone on a coffee or dinner date, but felt too worried about keeping the conversation going? It can be hard to get the conversation to flow the first time you meet, no matter how great your chemistry is. But, with a fun activity for you both to focus on together, you won’t need to worry about conversation topics at all. You can get to know each other’s personalities while you figure out the escape room. Then, once the date is over, you’ll have broken the ice already and still have plenty to talk about.

Are Escape Rooms Scary?
Escape Rooms are not scary, Locked spaces are scarier when you are alone or with strangers. But an Escape Room is a group thing, not a single-player game. You enter the room as a group. Part of your teammates may be family members, friends or workmates. 

Even if you entered the room with strangers, you all are working to achieve the same goal. That familiarity that the teammates bring should give you comfort and put you at ease. An Escape Room is not locked. In case of an emergency, there is a button you can press and the game organizers will open the room. The organizers of the game care about the safety of their customers.

They respond by removing the person suffering from a panic attack from the Escape Room. It will not delay the progress of the game as the rest of the team can continue planning their escape. Just remember that you are safe, you shouldn´t get a panic attack or fear to be in an Escape Room.

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