Top 10 Escape Rooms In London 2019, Prices & Reviews

You may have different ways of enjoying the goodies of life in London. But you don't know the joy in discovering how good you can be with puzzle-solving and task solving until you try out an escape room with friends or families. Ever since it was introduced in Japan, it has gone viral and still trending.

If you don't know what an Escape Room is all about, it is simple and fun. An Escape Room, also called escape game, is a game where teammates come together to solve puzzles and hard tasks together in a specific given time. The goal of the game is to escape from the lock by solving the tasks.

This is a very good way to have fun and discover people around you the more. Do you think this is cool and you want to try it out with your friends someday? Well, that is why we have gathered the top 10 escape rooms in London with their prices and reviews.

1: The Crystal Maze Live Experience

  Entry Price: £65 per head

The crystal maze has made it to our top ten escape rooms in London because of its loaded fun. It was almost a forgotten TV show until some brilliant group of people brought it back to life. 

The price to get into the action is quite expensive, but not something you can measure with the excitement in it. The escape room is now packed with mysterious tasks from the Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic, and Eastern zone. 

You get to choose your team of eight people for the mental and mystery trap challenges. Pick a team leader; someone wise enough to decide who plays each game. The players tackle and solve the tasks and trials to earn the team a time crystal for an extra 5 seconds in the Giant Crystal finale. In the 5-men celebrity adventurer game, each teammate must prove that they can work together as one to ensure that none of them run out of time to waste their amount of crystals.

There is a big and strong crystal that can contain eight adults in it. This is where they play for a double worth of time from the other crystals. This can only be played once, so be ready not to waste your chance for precious playtime.

The Crystal Maze in London


Can I play if I'm pregnant?
No, you cant

How long does a game last?
Usually 70 minutes

What should I wear?
Casual or Sports, you will do some running.

Customer's comment
"Whilst not cheap (£65 pp) and not something most people could not afford to do that often, you do have to give credit to the team behind this, their enthusiasm and recreation of the sets. Our team had a blast and you can also remember your time in the maze with your very own crystal to take home (available to buy in the gift shop). Now if they could only also recreate a 'Finders Keepers' live experience..."

2:Escape Rooms

Entry Price: £25 per head

You will need to pack a lot of adrenaline perks along with your teammates if you are planning to enter this escape room. Imagine yourself locked up in a room and with laser lights and loads of puzzles to solve, it will get you on your toes. Gather your teammates of 3 to 6 plays and find out if you can break out. They got venues both on Clerkenwell and London Bridge. Escape Room in London Bridge is more for those who prefer the traditional locks, codes and puzzles themes, while the one in Clerkenwell offers something new, a futuristic theme that will surely get you excited.

The Games

Project D.I.V.A: You are in a spaceship, where you and your team have been selected to help your people destroy D.I.V.A. the ships AI, you have one hour to do this, their fate is in your hands.

The Darkside of the Moon: You have been chosen again as one of the best agents to travel to the moon and discover a secret enemy base. Complete your mission before you run out of time.

Pharaoh's Chamber: A cursed Tomb: You have made it past 12 of the black hell gates and now it's time to escape the Khufu's chamber. You have only 60 minutes to do this before your soul is taken from you, get ready.

Room 33:1675 in China, you were arrested for losing your emperor's bronze vase while you were on the watch as a guard. You have now travelled back to the present time to recover the base from the British Museum and go back before the portal closes. You need to see how good you can be!


Can we do it as a pair?
Yes, you can, but you will still need to book for 3 players.

Is there any age restriction?
No, but to its recommended to be 12+ to fully enjoy and understand the games.

Can we take photos?
No, it's not allowed.

Customer's comment 
"Went with 4 of my friends and it was great fun! Staff were enthusiastic and helpful, made the experience even better. Made us use our brains and work together as a team! Would recommend to anyone and would go again"

3: ClueQuest

Entry Price: £25 per head

ClueQuest is another reason why Escape Games is a must-try-out in London. It is not very expensive to get into, yet a fun-loaded escape room. 

The escape room gives you a chance of picking 3-6 people as teammates. Locked in a room they won't be able to leave for 60 minutes until they can solve enough puzzles. The game room also has a different version of their games so you can play against another team.

The Games

PLAN52: tells a story of a double-sided agent that has compromised the security of a top-secret fortress. It is your team's duty to discover who the double agent is under 60 minutes.

Operation Blacksheep: plays a mission where teammates will have to destroy a mind-controlling satellite that Professor Blacksheep has launched into the earth's orbit. You have only 60 minutes to destroy it and evacuate the control centre before it self-destructs.

The Revenge of the Sheep: was added in spring 2016. Your team will play the role of stopping Professor Blacksheep again. This time around, with his partner Kevin.

The CQ Origenes: is about stopping professor blacksheep's cyberattack on Mr Q's database. He will take data to remake the genetical experiment that turned him to a sheep.

Escape the Lost Pyramid: This is more of the reasons why people love clueQuest. It is a virtual reality game by Ubisoft. Your team of four will have to use a DNA's memory to look for the lost pyramid of Nebka. 

Beyond Medusa's Gate: is another virtual reality escape game you get to play in the clueQuest. Your team will go back to Greece in 445 B.C to find a lost ship.

Cluequest in London


Is it good for a family?
Definitely, children should be aged 9+

Can we do it as a pair?
Yes you can, but it's designed for a team of 3+

What about if we are 40+?
Many customers above that have given positive feedback.

How long does a game last?
Usually 80-90 minutes

Customer's comment 
"Fantastic escape room. Well-versed staff, interesting things to solve. Good fun!"

4: Breakin Escape Room

Entry Price: £19 per head

Breakin is the perfect escape room to spend your leisure time if you are a tech lamb. This escape room is ideal for immersing yourself in the thrill of Puzzle-solving with high tech wizardry. 

Choose a team of 3 to 6 players to go for the tasks. There are 7 different mind-boiling games to play within 60 minutes, and each game has a different difficulty level. You can use every single thing in your room to get a clue for the puzzles. You also have a limited chance to get help for clues.

The Games

The Heist Plan: This where you and your gang have planned to have a heist in the New York City while covering with an illegal street race. But along the preparation, a rival gang smashed your car and took the other. Now it's time to repair the car, find the other car, and complete the mission in 60 minutes.

The Butcher's Lair: You and your teammates have been invited to your favourite anatomy lecturer, Dr Vladimir Knifesblade. You now seem to be trapped in his secret dangerous laboratory and you have to escape within 60 minutes or you become his menu.

In the ‘War on Horizon Alpha, you and your teammates are to deactivate the shields of Alpha one HQ for a planned assault to be successful. This assault aims to destroy the HQ and erase alpha one regime, thus restoring democracy. You only have 60 minutes to do this or turn it to a suicide mission.

Sherlock's Despair: Your duty in this game is to discover the mystery behind Detective Sherlock's death as his faithful assistant by solving his last case.

Blackwing's Cave: Help your city's hero, Blackwing, to defeat the city's greatest enemy, Dr Drakker, once again by solving the puzzles prepared by his arch-nemesis.

Wizarding School: Fang of the Serpent: You and your friends are to face a monster giant in a mysterious castle, on your search for an artefact that has been lost for decades.

The Flying Dutchman: You have 60 minutes to find your way out of Davy Jone's ship after you have been left behind by the dutchman crew.


Is there an age limit?
You need to be 16+, under that needs an adult accompanied.

What if I get stuck?
You will be hinted by the staff, don't worry.

Can we go as a pair?
You can, but you will have to pay for 3.

Customer's Comment
"Excellent place, amazing themed rooms and wonderful staff!"

Escape Entertainment

5: Escape Entertainment

Entry Price: £26 per head

Escape Entertainment is another good pick for the top 10 Escape Rooms in London. They are known for their design of premier games using great Mathematicians, Psychologists, and Behaviorists. They are also out there for their immersive gaming environments. The rooms are designed by Hollywood and Broadway for the best gaming environment and decorated reception space.

The Games

The Bank Heist: In this escape game, you have been told to rob the bank´s crown jewels. They claim that the security cameras have already been hacked for you. All you have to do is find all the clues, solve the puzzles to get closer to the vault, and rob the bank within 60 minutes.

The Prohibition Pandemonium: What would you do if the cops are banging on your door and you have heard of a secret back exit which you know nothing about? Don´t open the door for them! You are to find clues to solve the puzzle of this game, the more you solve the closer you get to the back door. Open the door and flee from the law.


Do I need to be intelligent?
Even if you aren´t =),  you don't have to struggle to pass these games, they are made for everyone.

Can I use my Phone?
You will be asked to turn off your phones.

So what about pictures?
To maintain a surprising experience for everyone, they have keept their games out of publicity.

Any age limit?
Yes, you would have to be 10+

Customer’s comment
"We arrived and went down a few flights of stairs, we were welcomed and shortly after shown to our room, it was brilliant and so much fun, we did struggle but you can ask for help and they do connect with you but I won’t say how!! We didn't finish as we got stuck at the end as there is quite a bit to do!! But we got out and got our surprise at the end and we did a photo booth, such a brill hour experience! Never too old!! Thank you for making our day in London brill and exciting”


6: Escape London

Entry Price: £20 per head

Escape London is another escape room that is perfect for checking out your puzzle-solving abilities. Since the games require 2-6 players, about 18 people can play at the same time in the 3 different rooms of each location. The games are suitable for the ages of 10 upward, so gather your puzzle skills with your children and escape London under 60 minutes. Keep in mind the success rate is on average 40% for all there games, so be sure you are ready for a challenge.

The Games

Area 51: Travel back in time to London 1952 when rumours of aliens in area 51 were going around. You and your teammates will have to find all the parts of the time machine as this is the only way to travel and escape.

The DaVinci Room: You have helped Dr Albright to acquire most of Da Vinci's works and now he trusts you with access to secret places in his home. Your mission is to steal the Holy Grail from Dr Albright and escape!

Taken: Your friend has been kidnapped and you have tracked the kidnapper's activities back to an engineering facility. Now you must be sure if it is a facility or there is something more to it and find your friend.

The Cabin: All your belongings have been taken from the camp and a note is in your tent saying ‘come to the cabin for your belongings'. You have to get those belongings and make it out of the cabin alive.

Witchcraft and Wizardry: Use all your magic to escape from the Professor before he strips you of your powers forever.

Overthrone: Make yourself the next king by taking on the quest of retrieving the hidden legendary sword of Britain within the castle.

Escape The Seven Seas: You and your friends are to escape the brig, enter the captain's chamber, and take all the treasures for yourself.



Can we play as pair?
Yes, you can, 2 players are minimum.

How long is the experience?
Escape Londons, games usually take 90 minutes.

Can we use Phones?
No, they have bodies inside that need to stay unidentifed =)

Can we play Escape Games drunk?
The Game Master might deny entry if you are too drunk, so save it for later will.

Customer’s comment
"Staff very helpful and explained everything clearly as none of us had done an escape room before. Would recommend"


Entry Price: £25 per head

Komnota is a very escape room that operates in many locations and countries. With themes like Psycho, Adventure, Historical, Horror, Geeky and Family-friendly, you sure will find something that will keep you interested. Games are playable for people within the age of 12 and above.

The Games

Sherlocked: A game of 2 players only and 18+ of age, you and your partner have been locked up in a box, it is now left to how you can cooperate to find a way out under 45 minutes.

Saint Angelo's Castle: Everybody that has tasted the dungeon of St Angelo's castle has tasted death except one particular man. It is your turn to find your way out of the dungeon before your time run out or your spirit joins the dead too. 

Doctor Frankenstein: The game is about remaking the body of Doctor Frankenstein by completing his last experiment so you can help unravel his mystery. 

The Impossible Murder Mystery: Come along with your detective's brain to discover the real murderer behind the death of 7 students.



Can we play as pair?
Yes, you can, the price for that would be £61 per head

Can we bring food?

How long do the games last?
Komnotas games last from 45-60 minutes

Customer’s comment
"We enjoyed playing Saint Angelo's Castle today, it was the most immersive escape room I've played yet and Steph was brilliant at making the game come to life. The puzzles were great, and the decoration and size of the room were both very impressive!"

HintHunt Escape Room


Entry Price: £28 per head

The HintHunt brings back the memory of first escape rooms back then. You will think this escape room is dated if it is your first visit there, but there is more you need to see. You can choose from themes suitable for kids to the ones perfect for adults.

The Games

Submarine - Deepdown: You and your teammates have been locked in a submarine and you have only 60 minutes before the ship sinks totally and get forgotten. Will you be able to solve the puzzles and escape the deep ocean? Let’s find out!

The Golden Share: It is up to you and your teammates to help Sir Richard Jebson's family to escape a maze and get them their golden share. You have 60 minutes and they have put their trust in you.

The Safe: The important details you need to identify are locked up in a safe. Solve the puzzles quickly to open the safe and also keep Hinthunt funds safe.

Underwater Torpedo Troops: Get ready to get yourself immersed in the thrill from this puzzle. Find out how to launch your torpedo by solving the mysteries of the ship.

The Zen Suite: It is another time to help Detective JM on his investigation for the robbery that took place in Miss Miharu's apartment. Beware, you will feel Zen if at all you complete the puzzle within 60 minutes.

JM's Office: This time around, it is in your team's hand to save Detective JM from being tagged a murderer.



Can we play as pair?
Yes, you can, but at least 3 is recommended, at a fixed rate of £84

How long is the experience?
Hinthunts games take 60 minutes to complete. 

What if I'm Claustrophobic?
Claustrophobic have not had any problem, but the staff are always there to help.

Any age limit?
Yes, the minimum age is 9+

Customer’s comment
“I took my colleagues for a team (building) evening out and we all loved it. A really good laugh and we made it out with 90 seconds to spare! We did the detective room but another colleague has done the Zen room and also loved it"

9:Mission Breakout

Entry Price: £25 per head

The Mission Breakout is worth a try out for its vintage World war two theme, friendly staffs dressed like 1930s soldiers, and its old closed tube location. They have 2 games, both of them are playable for kids from the age of 9. 

The Games

Codebreakers: Do you and your teammates have what it takes to decipher the secret messages of the Nazis? You have to do this to break out of the room within 60 minutes and save the world. This is a game based on the extraordinary true story.

The Lost Passenger: Based on a true story, it is your turn to manage through paranormal activities for 60 minutes to find your way into the ghost tube station and investigate the disappearance of Mr Brackett. 


Can we play as pair?
The games are set to be played by 3-6 people.

What not to wear?
Don't wear anything white or new, please.

Keep in mind the Escape Rooms are underground without any natural light.

Any age limit?
No, kids from 9-15 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Customer’s comment
"Absolutely enjoyed doing the Kentish Town Breakout, Chris our guide was brilliant and explained everything that we needed to know. We have done lots of panic rooms, and enjoy everyone..we love the challenge and solving clues"




Entry Price: £21 per head 

The Omescape is one kind of escape room that show the very importance of teamwork and effective communication. Omescape is almost known worldwide with branches in almost all the continents. They have the combination of both escape rooms and virtual reality games, makes it a nice place to spend your leisure time with your children and friends.

The Games

Kingdom of cats: You are to work with your teammates to find the clues to all the puzzles so that the cats can help you back to the human world.

Joker's Asylum: Your task here is to unravel the mystery behind the missing joker's doctor. You have to find Joker before he carried out his revenge plot.

The Penitentiary: You were trying to investigate the disappearance of a prisoner in the Night Stalker's cell but you are now stuck in it. Get yourself out before it is too late.

Biohazard Laboratory: Get your team together and discover where the secret lab of Dr Snake and find a cure to the neurotoxin.


How long do the games last?
Omescapes games should finish in about 60 minutes.

Can we ask for help?
Yes, your game master will monitor your progress and is available to help you out.

Any age limit?
No, but its recommended to be aged 12+ to understand the game, and kids under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Customer’s comment
“Me, my girlfriend and another couple decided to play the prison room. It was the first I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was actually very well-thought of and the puzzles were challenging requiring a lot of thinking and teamwork. Our 'helper' Tito was very friendly, told the story in a fun way and whenever we asked for clues he just gave us enough to go on to the next puzzles. Overall an excellent game, a great team-building activity and a lovely way to stretch those problem-solving muscles!”

/Mattias Leniker
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