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What do you do at an archery club? 

Archery clubs are pretty oriented towards popularizing the sport but find plenty of fun ways to do so. Aside from the standard archery classes or training you do, at most clubs, you will also participate in a number of other activities. 

For example, most clubs organize a wide range of events, including competitions, tournaments, holiday-themed happenings, and team building activities. With that, archery clubs in London make great hosts, organizing a variety of celebrations, workgroup meetings, birthdays, festivities, and more! 

Together with archery classes, most clubs are oriented towards building a more positive and inspiring community, putting the sport out as the common denominator. 

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Where can you practice archery in London?

London offers some of the most superb archery clubs in the country. The city boasts several top-rated archery clubs, welcoming students and competitors of all ages and backgrounds. Among the best archery clubs in London are Pinner Bowmen, Brent Valley Archers, and Experience Archery. With prices fit for everyone’s pocket, London certainly offers a great variety of archery venues to visit any day of the year. 

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What kinds of bows can I practice with? 

While you might have heard of a Crossbow, archery clubs offer a lot more options in terms of bows. For instance, many archery classes are done with Recurve Bows, which are considered powerful, yet easy-to-use for beginners, as you don’t need plenty of strength to manage the bow. 

Then, we have Longbows, which are considered one of the most advanced to master, as they require plenty of practice. That said, Longbows are also much slower than Recurve Bows. In addition to those, at some archery clubs, you might even book Reflex Bows lessons, which is the fastest bow of the aforementioned and has the best stopping power. 

Who can practice archery? 

Archery is an adventurous sport, suit for children aged 7 and older, as well as teens, adolescents, adults, seniors, and professionals. Truly compatible with your skills, or the lack thereof, archery is also popular among people with disabilities and leaves plenty of room for improvement. 

Aside from taking standard archery lessons, you can also partake in numerous competitions and attend a variety of themed events. And yes, it doesn’t take for you to be an expert in archery to try it. 

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Where is archery practised in London? 

Archery can be practised both indoors and outdoors. The benefits differ, depending on what you are looking for. For instance, at indoor archery clubs, you can take archery lessons throughout the year or do more intense training sessions, if you are a professional. 

At the same time, outdoor archery ranges offer great landscapes and give you the proper Robin Hood feel. Both indoor and outdoor archery clubs have standard-size ranges as well as ranges suit for beginners, children, individuals, and teams. 

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Why is archery beneficial? 

Archery is the epitome of precision, discipline, and patience. That said, archery allows you to grow emotionally stronger, while also giving your physical health a boost. Great for improving the posture, strengthening the back, building the shoulders and getting in control, archery is compatible with anyone curious enough to try it. 

At the same, taking archery lessons can be a great way for children to grow self-confidence, improve their vision, boost their focus and, of course, socialize. In a time where computer games are more important the sports, archery can really be the lure to get them more active, while still keep them into a game. For adults, archery is great for preventing back pain and joint inflammation and improving hand mobility. At the same time, seniors are also welcome to try shooting a bow and arrow, thus enhancing their vitality and overall physical and mental health. 

How to choose the best archery club for me? 

As a metropolitan city of all trades, London certainly stands for reputation and reliability, especially regarding archery clubs. That said, when searching for the perfect archery club for you, always think of quality, recommendations, and experience. 

Luckily, England’s capital has more than a handful of fine archery clubs, including  CMO Bowman Oakfield Archers and the vivid and free-of-charge club, Archery Fit. One thing to make sure of is estimating your skills and experience, thus finding the perfect archery classes for you. Check our results for a full list of Archery clubs in London, with there prices and reviews.

What kind of archery equipment do I need?

None! When you come to practice or learn at any of London’s best archery clubs, the venue takes care of necessary equipment. That said, you don’t need a particular uniform but can rather dress comfortably and casually. 

All clubs have a variety of bows on disposal and also work with some of the most experienced staffers in the sport. Aside from beginner classes’ coaches, most clubs also offer professional archery lessons, where the equipment is also provided. If you are a professional, you will likely have a bow of your own. Regardless, you can trust most archery clubs to have spare and well-maintained bows ready for you to use. 

How can I apply for archery classes? 

As soon as you choose an archery club you love, you can simply call or email the venue for further information. Most archery clubs in London work until the evening with some being open on the weekends as well. 

Welcoming and professional, when applying for archery lessons, you will be given the information regarding the club’s location, regulations, policies, and rules. All archery clubs also have their respective websites, where you can scroll through the gallery and learn all-things archery. 

Keep in mind that instead of reaching out, some archery clubs allow online application, where you fill out a form and book yourself a session. You can view our results to message our Archery clubs directly, some of them even allow for free tryouts.

Is archery difficult to learn?

The truly refined sport that it is, archery takes years to master. At the same time, learning archery can be done within the hour, depending on what you are looking to get out of the experience. 

The most important thing about archery is not the equipment you use, but rather working on your technique and accuracy. Once you get the hang of it (no pun intended), you can apply for more advanced and professional classes, finding the challenge pretty rewarding in the end. 

Finally, one of the best aspects of archery is that anyone can do it – from children to adults and individuals with disabilities. 

How expensive is archery in London? 

Well, that depends. If you are looking to spend the day and try archery recreationally, the prices are budget-friendly. Typically, the prices begin at £1, and reach up to £65, depending on the venue itself. However, you can also find top-rated archery club in London with less pricey entry fees, such as Experience Archery and 2020 Archery club

Of course, as prices grow, so does the archery lesson package. For instance, at a higher price, you can book unlimited access to the range or train on weekends. If you are a professional, archery lessons might even reach as high as £1500. But, if you are simply looking to become a member and visit occasionally, you can use our Archery in London results to check out the club fees.   

Difference between indoor, outdoor and target archery?

There are three key differences between field archery and target archery: the archery course, the target distance, and the target faces. 

Indoor archery typically offers a five-spot target, as well as individual targets, where you can also find ‘single’ shooting spots. In outdoor archery, the group usually moves together, taking turns at targets distanced from 10 yards to 80 yards. At outdoor ranges, archers can shoot field, animal or hunter targets, all differently marked. Outdoor archery ranges also offer a more realistic surrounding, including a touch terrain. 

Target archery, which is done both outdoors and indoors, is also the only form of archery to be professionally played in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In target archery, the target is distanced at 18 meters. If indoors, you will have two minutes to shoot six arrows, whereas outdoors the timeframe is four minutes. 

Best outdoor and indoor archery ranges in London?  

Some archery clubs offer outdoor ranges and can, thus, be a short drive outside the city centre. At the same time, indoor archery clubs are more downtown-oriented and work during the colder months, too. 

Some of the best outdoor archery clubs in London include Thomas Wall Archers, Aquarius Archeryand CMO Bowmen. In addition, there are plenty of exquisite indoor archery clubs as well, including Archery Fit and 2020 Archery, you can view our results for Archery clubs in London to find something near you, with their prices and reviews.

How long are beginner archery lessons? 

At most archery clubs, beginner archery classes are 90 minutes long and spread over the course of a week. A full course usually lasts six weeks. During these six weeks, you will learn the basics of shooting a bow and arrow and the technique behind it. 

If you are more serious about training archery and become a solid archer, you should practice 4 to 5 times a week. With that being said, you are probably looking at shooting from 80 to 100 arrows per day. 

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