About us

Who we are 

Service Ads was founded by a team of entrepreneurs that felt it frustratingly difficult to find Services we are in need of. 
After tons of research where we tested all nished service directories and lead generating websites, we saw that this is a
problem that applies to everyone. We could spend days waiting for replies on our lead, many times, a reply would never
come because the lead was just not worth paying for. 

The Price

The most frequently asked question we ask when we want a service or a product is a price, in fact, 70 % says that its
what matter the most. It has been so from the beginning of our trading history.

We got some amazing Directories at
our disposal to help us find what we look for, but none of them actually requires the service prices. 

So we got to work

3 years later, we are a team of certified Digital Marketers, Content Creators and SEO Experts, with the sole intention to
build the UK´s most useful Service Directory. We have strict controls on our listers, where we accept only those who can be
clear about there fees and presents a decent profile description. Giving our users an eye-friendly, useful user experience
with the most relevant information about the service providers.

To save you time & money

Do you know that only 5% of users that Google up what they look for, actually click through to the second page? only
5%. Google's first page is usually dominated by the business that has the resources and time to work on their content
to be on top. But that does not mean there service or price is better than all the other service providers. Our research
shows that users could save 200-300% on many regular used services only if they took a second to look through to the second page.

With Service Ads in your pocket, you can really save yourself time and money, simply search up what you need, and 
choose the service provider that fits your budget or location.

It shouldn´t be complicated to find what you look for.

Service Ads Ltd
International House 12 Constance Street LONDON E16 2DQ United Kingdom

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©2019 ServicesAds. All Rights Reserved.